withdraw to a quiet or secluded place

Even as pups Candi and Taji soon learned

where their day beds were located.


Five years later between the hours of 1000 and 1400

we expect to find Candi striking a pose

similar to this.

And at other times she simply keeps an eye on us.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Retreat





Lockdown Number 1, 2020,

had barely begun last year

and it was our

wedding anniversary.

I suggested we try something different

and order home delivery from

our local hotel.

We had made a booking

for dinner there anyway.

We had never been in a position that

we could have a meal home delivered

so it was definitely something new and different.

We enjoyed the experience and decided

to  have a few more home delivered meals

during lockdowns 2 & 3, 2020.

 We also had dinner reservations made

for February 13, 2021 to celebrate our birthdays.

We were again forced to home delivery

due too a snap 5 day lockdown which

commenced at midnight on February 12..



Amanda                       Sandi




Some of my entries larger than others,

but all bigger than bread box.~~~~~

Orca and Calf

Just in case seeing the calf was difficult in BW.







I always thought this was a beer bottle.

However the words

flavoured beverage,

have me wondering.

Whatever the contents it would

take some drinking.

All the way across the Indian Ocean

to see a Giant Aardvark

in Botswana


A couple of hours northwest of Geelong

is the Giant Koala.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Bigger-Than-A-Bread-Box







Dinner in Vienna saw us, if necessary…

…spending a penny in style…

…with raunchy retro themed décor

to  keep us company.


Décor and images strictly from…

…the sixties, fifties…

…and maybe even earlier.


For equal opportunity I believe ladies

was decorated in similar fashion. :-0









Point Nepean flag pole at the 2014

Commemoration of Firing the First Shot

of World War I,

August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours.


 Geelong Football Stadium

home of the

Geelong Cats. 

Sadly the art work is no longer.



Technically I believe my Kalahari Scrub Robin

is in the wrong half of the frame.

It should have room to run into.

However to include its shadow

the rule had to be ignored.



Living street art in Melbourne.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Off-Centre