road tripping

A usually lengthy trip taken in a motor vehicle,

especially for pleasure.










pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.


a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea
between high- and low-water marks.









Still in New Zealand’s

North Island.

 We were travelling between

Whakatane and Whangamata

and captured a few images of this river.

Last week I published this image thinking

it was White Island…

Many thanks to Betty’s expert for

clarifying my White Island query.

Turns out I was sold a furphy and this is not

White Island (the volcano) but,

Moutohora Island also called Whale Island

and it’s only about 9 km from shore.

Makes a lot more sense.

Our Auckland born and bred daughter-in-law

had not ever visited the end of her motherland

and was no help 🙂


My-Corner-of-the-World:  Milford-Sound







In  2018 during our North Island road trip

we visited the Ohope (southern) end of

The Bay of Plenty

Locals told me this was White Island.

In view of recent activity over there I was

just wondering if you could clarify that for me please.

I was only using a 250 mm lens and the island

appears much closer than the 50 km it is

from Whakatane or Optiki Beaches.

Happy New Year to you Betty and thank

you for visiting my site and introducing yours.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  Happy-New-Year






I think this image maybe from Whakatane

which was our base when we visited

 Ohope Beach

and Opotiki region.

If I had to guess…

…I would say these were Poppies.

Whakatane / Ohope Beach / Opotiki

Bay of Plenty,

New Zealand



A hundred metres or so along

the road at Ohope Beach…

…and we had to stop again.

They are just called Daisies in our garden. 

I guess there is a botanical name.

They seemed quite happy in

September sun on the dunes of

Ohope Beach,

Bay of Plenty,

New Zealand