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In April 2013 around ANZAC Day (April 25) I

transcribed this diary extract about my

Grandfather during World War I.

The entire post may be found HERE

One day of routine manning I left Carlin and another at the tap in with instructions that if the line went we’d mend it at our end as it always got out about 150 yards from the O.P. the Hun strafing that point every day for no reason whatever and doing no damage except to a few telephone lines.   Sure enough the Hun had his strafe and the line went.  Harper was with me and another man, probably Davis.  Of course they wanted to go out and mend it, but as the line was of no great importance at the moment told them to wait till the strafe stopped – we could see and hear shells bursting.  Next thing Harper got a buzz on the phone showing it was through and a little later old Carlin’s head appeared at the parade, beaded with sweat and much wind up.  I strafed him for coming out when he was told to stay in.  His reply was, “I saw the O.P. was getting it and thought someone might be hit.”  That did not prevent him stopping to mend the line amongst the S. 9.

 I have always said that “Windy Bill Carlin” is the bravest man I have met and one of the windiest. The man who is not windy cannot be brave, but the man who does his job at all times and under all conditions and with the wind up all the time, is the man I admire.

It is one of the few pieces of memorabilia

I have of either of my Grandfathers,

and even though I think the conflict was abhorrent,

I am still proud of their efforts during that time.

My Grandfather was awarded a

Distinguished Conduct Medal

for this and other action while serving in

France and Belgium.


There are some typos or spelling errors and

are included to maintain faithfulness

 to the original copy. 


DP_Discover Challenge: Transcript

Weekly Photo Challenge-Admiration



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



In February

The Spirit of ANZAC

exhibition was in Melbourne.

As I have regularly mentioned my Grandfather was

a Gunner on The Western Front after being deployed to Europe.

Was this the type of gun he was using?


Whichever side of the ‘fence’ soldiers were on…


they are people I admire.


For their courage….


in such appalling conditions.


For their ability to help a mate…


and for their ability to continue marching on.


However, these statistics we must never forget…

because these number only represent

about half the casualties of World War 1.


I was granted permission to photograph the exhibition

by a representative of the organiser.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-7


Odd Ball

Week 7, 2016


Wouldn’t this be great…
ANZAC_8495Ba free tour of Europe and Great Britain?

ANZAC_8495AUntil you see the Big Picture!.

Last week I visited the

Spirit of ANZAC

Centenary Experience

at Melbourne’s Exhibition Centre.

Locally known as Jeff’s Shed after the Premier who

organised its construction in the early 1990s.

This was a great exhibition focusing on World War 1,

and to a lessor degree subsequent wars Australia,

or the ANZACs have been involved in.

After receiving an iPod and headphones each time

a new section was entered appropriate commentary

would commence.

The exhibition is travelling around Australia

culminating in Sydney in June next 2017.

Click this  link to see if it is coming to a city near you

Allow a couple of hours to view it (slowly).

Sponsored by

The Victorian Government and Telstra (our major Telco)

this exhibition is free,

although you  are asked to book tickets.

Visitors are allowed to take cameras into the exhibit,

although flash photography is banned.

I was also given permission to by Telstra

use my photos in Social Media.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-7






Wordless Wednesday_1111

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At the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day,Remembrance-Day-2015_0001

of the eleventh month…we remembered them.

Remembrance-Day-2015_0005Throughout Australia local communities and schools

Remembrance-Day-2015_0011joined together in remembering those who served in

Remembrance-Day-2015_0022two World Wars and many other conflicts.

Remembrance-Day-2015_0026Community members laid wreaths…

Remembrance-Day-2015_0031prior to observing the traditional one minute of silence.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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Black and White Challenge:



I’m catching up with some missed posts for the BW Challenge.

walkway_0031No quite indoor…but under cover.

walkway_0036The rest of my images come from Fort Nepean,

from where the First Shot of both World Wars was fired

walkway_0033My Grandfather was part of the gun crew which fired

The First Shot of World War I.

 He would have spent many hours walking

through these passages.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Indoor-Walkways




Weekly Photo Challenge-Off-Season



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Off Season


This week’s photos were taken in July and August 2014corio-bay_0142July weather is usually cold, wet and miserable.

However last July these swans and the bay in general

looked anything but winter.

first-shot_0257And what better conditions could we have had

for an outdoor commemoration of firing the

First Shot of World War 1, last August.

first-shot_0387Sunshine and blue skies made it an

ideal day for a family gathering…to remember.

point-nepean_0075This shot is taken from Point Nepean looking across to

Point Lonsdale/Queenscliff.

This stretch of water is the infamous


at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

It looked anything but dangerous on a

winter morning in August last year.






Photo opportunities are all over Australia and New Zealand this morning

as we commemorate,

the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.


While the major centres receive a majority of media publicity

it is the rural areas which were settled by

returned soldiers from two World Wars


It is these same small towns who may have had their

heart and soul ripped out with the death

of well known identities, sportsman and family members.


This post is in memory of of all the service men and women

who have served our country

and whose home was a small rural centre.


For those service men and women…

Lest We Forget.



I would like to visit Courcelette, in France, sometime in the next few years as my Grandfather served on the Western Front and was awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal at Courcelette during World War I.


W Carlin_Australian9_2inchHowitzerFiring_YpresThis photograph is now in  the public domain – copyright expired…

however, it can be found on the Australian War Memorial Webe Site…

Click this link

The photo was taken in September 1917

on the Western Front (Belgium),  in the Ypres Area, Voormezeele

My maternal grandfather served with the Light Horse at Gallipoli

and I have read part of his diary many, many years ago.

Unfortunately any such memorabilia was not passed on to me.

I searched the Australian War Memorial website this morning

and have not even found his name, let alone service records.

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