Teddy Bear Eyes






Limpy the Lioness

Sausage Tree Safari Camp,

resident mother of the day.

Unfortunately, she had to be euthanased

less than twelve months after this image

was taken.


Lens-Artist PC Patti:…The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens-Artist PC Leya:...The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens-Artist PC Amy:…The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens Artist PC Anne:…The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens Artist PC Sofia:…The-Eyes-Have-It

Lens Artist PC John:…The-Eyes-Have-It





This cheetah was not getting ready to attack us.

She just wove her way through our small group…


…flopped on the ground near our guide

so he/we could pat her.

This cat preferred having her ears and head patted

I only mention this because,

during our walk with Sita the Tiger

at Dreamworld many years ago,

Sita’s head was off-limits which suited

me as her teeth were much bigger.