Last Christmas in Paris:

A Novel of World War I


Hazel Gaynor & Heather Webb


Last Christmas in Paris was not my first World War I romance and from this reviewer, it comes highly recommended.  Initially, I was a little sceptical about taking it on especially when I realised it was simply a series of letters, and this is what set Last Christmas in Paris apart from the proverbial pack; that and the fact that there were no less than nine narrators.   I have often cited a narrators character voices as being a major negative (or positive) for audiobooks.  Now I am happy to spruik the benefits of multiple narrators from a listeners perspective.

Evie and Thomas exchange their thoughts about wartimes while Thomas is fighting ‘somewhere in France’ with Evie’s brother Will.  And that about sums up the story of Last Christmas in Paris.

I believe Last Christmas was an unusual, but highly effective, way to write a romance.

Be prepared if listening to the audiobook, for the short 1968 interludes which breaks the story into its various parts.  To the best of my memory, there is no indication prior to stating the date which is at the beginning of each letter.

I rated Last Christmas in Paris as a solid four star audiobook.

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