A split rock at Lekhubu Island,



Layer upon layer of limestone rock supports


Great Ocean Road.


By the time I read of these rock stacks along

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

I’m sure many of the tourists who had created

them had returned and knocked down

their creation.


Balancing rocks in South Africa’s,

Kruger or Greater Kruger National Park.


Decorative rocks at the edge of

Warrnambool’s tourist lake,

Lake Pertobe.


Closer to home…in fact nearly at our back door…

well, about 10 km away…

…is Dog Rocks.


If I have asked why it’s called Dog Rocks,

I have not received a satisfactory answer. 


Dog Rocks is very popular with photography enthusiasts,

for both day and night photography

as it is far enough away from city lights

that no ambient light can intefer.


My final rock is/was Ayres Rock.

It is now known as Uluru.

Climbing Ayres Rock was almost mandatory in 1975. 

Over my left shoulder is another formation

known as The Olgas. 

Both are well worth visiting.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Rock









exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed,
either physically or emotionally.


All along Victoria’s, Shipwreck Coast, nature has

been hard at work eroding away coastal limestone

to create the 12 Apostles, Lochard Gorge and

London Bridge (now called London Arch)


Now, that same force of nature is working

to topple all of its hard work.

Around 25-30 years ago London Bridge

(now called London Arch) toppled

and detached from mainland Australia.

More recently another of the Apostles

fell victim to the ravages of Mother Nature…


…which is probably why we can no longer

walk out to the end of this Apostle.










natural lighting

sunlight indoor photographs

made in natural light.




Two images of my guitar…


…using natural light only

filtered by scrim.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Natural-Lighting










Some of the best formations…

…can be seen in…


…the limestone which makes up…


…the coastline along

Victoria’s South West Coast

including The Twelve Apostles

and Lochard Gorge.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Horizontal-Lines










a short pole with a broad blade
at one or both ends,
used without a rowlock to move
a small boat or canoe
through the water.


A paddleboard on Lake Lucerne

Paddling Lake Lucerne.

One bloke, four girls and guess who

is doing the work?   

Maybe he’s just the ballast!


Paddling at the beach


An old stern-wheel paddle


Paddling at

Gibson Steps Beach 

Large webbed feet and ducks paddle.









Some random potential postcard images.

Eastern Beach


The Twelve Apostles

Lochard Gorge

Corio Bay Sunrise



Ferris Wheel


Million Dollar view



Leaning Tower of Pisa

Eiffel Tower



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I have stayed with the coast for this week’s

MidWeek Madness Challenge.

Hardly need to caption this image…but it is the 12 Apostles.


Gibson Steps beach…about ten minutes east of the Apostles..

Surfing Torquay.




Surfing Torquay

Torquay Surf








Layers of sandstone forms the…

…coastline line along the

Great Ocean Road.


Layers of a cake.



Layer upon layer of petals creating

a beautiful flower.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Layers