I have stayed with the coast for this week’s

MidWeek Madness Challenge.

Hardly need to caption this image…but it is the 12 Apostles.


Gibson Steps beach…about ten minutes east of the Apostles..

Surfing Torquay.




Surfing Torquay

Torquay Surf








Layers of sandstone forms the…

…coastline line along the

Great Ocean Road.


Layers of a cake.



Layer upon layer of petals creating

a beautiful flower.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Layers









First one last image of the 12 Apostles.

Back in days of yore, visitors were allowed

to walk out to the very end of this Apostle

which is still joined to the mainland.

Maybe after London Bridge collapsed

barriers were erected here

to keep visitors safe.

Loch Ard Gorge from ground level.

…and in the Gorge.

I have never felt so disinclined to walk around

the Gorge as I did on that day.

I was wondering if I would be able

to climb back up the steps so

oppressive waas the heat.

Radio was stating 44 degrees Celsius that day.

On the sand, out of any breeze,

your guess would be as good as mine.








12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road

Port Campbell Victoria.



12 Apostles

Great Ocean Road

Port Campbell Victoria.




Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

Point Lonsdale







Although traffic is extremely limited

around our farm, it was still amazing

how much of the outside world

our trees soon blocked out.

With a reduction in noise

wildlife soon moved in.

I only ever sighted kangaroos.

However the harvesting team

had to leave some trees to cater

for koalas which they sighted.

From whence they came I do not know.



There is an inland road to the

Great Ocean Road

via the township of Forest.

The rest of my photos are images taken

during several drives to Forest and beyond.


Although my photo does not do it justice

this off the main road spot is gorgeous.



Amanda                       Sandi





not liable to break or able to be broken easily.


I always thought the Twelve Apostles

to be unbreakable until

London Bridge

collapsed in the 1990s. In July 2005 the Apostle that now is a pile of stone

on the right (in water) also collapsed.

Experts said, at the time, that

the Apostles would reappear.

My thinking is that it won’t be overnight 🙂