Book Review-The-Fallout

The Fallout


Rebecca Thornton


The Fallout lost me with the opening, longwinded, WhatsApp conversation between a self-entitled group of women who all belong to the same health club.

In hindsight, it gave the narrator no time whatsoever to establish character voices, not that I think this would have helped as there were other WhatsApp conversations that were read in an identical manner.

That is the narrator read the speaker’s name each and every time she wrote in WhatsApp as in the example below.

Sarah.  How are you, Lisa?

Lisa.  I’m good.  How are you?

Sarah and Lisa are good friends and Sarah offers to watch Lisa’s young boy Jack.   Only she doesn’t really.   Jack falls from a pole he should not have been climbing and ends up in hospital.   After the accident Sarah tells everyone that Jack was okay when she saw him last.  However, she does not exactly say when ‘the last time’ was. And there begins the story.  Did Sarah lie to her friend…and everyone else?

I’m afraid that was the end for this reader, especially when their menfolk were interviewed and each shoulder shrug and guffaw was read as part of the text.   In fact male characters appeared to be more self-entitled than their female counterparts.

It was most definitely goodbye from me at this stage I could not put up with another 34 tracks of this rubbish.  If a book does not grab my attention in the first page, it must be the second page.    After listening to 25 percent it has had a good chance and not worthy of pursuing.

Although, I must add that the story itself was not as off-putting as the narrators and characters.  Perhaps this is one of those books a read/reviewer should actually read.

I rated

The Fallout

as a

one-star audiobook.

One star is a did not finish rating.


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