These young legs were admiring…

…not so young legs.


Sunbaking legs in Sydney.



Walking in the rain.


Sunbaking in Geelong

Bare Feet


Swamphen legs and feet


Sunbaker’s feet

Feeding a vulture at South Africa’s

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.





Both young and…

…and not so young

wood workers’ hands.

Hugging hands

Shy hands

Black and Tan Kelpie paw


Labrador paw

Cheetah paw

Tshukudu Game Lodge

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa



Leopard’s paws

Kruger National Park

South Africa





serious attention or consideration applied to doing
something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.


A great deal of care…

…had been taken smoothing this wood, and…



…inserting this arachnid into the knot.