quirky food

not sure what it is, or even if they do know what it is,
it’s been cooked or presented in a way that’s unfamiliar to them.

Perhaps Black Forest Cake, is not really a quirky food,

however, I had no idea that it would be filled

with layers of cream.


The first time someone told us about Beaver Tails

I imagined lots of beavers minus a big fat tail.

It wasn’t until we were up on Grouse Mountain

that I noticed the lack of tail less beavers.

Signage was still advertising Beaver Tails

for consumption though.

It reminded me of a week or so earlier,

after a 14 hour flight from Brisbane we were

directed ‘…go past Tim Hortons…’

in the Vancouver airport.

At least I could envision a Beaver Tail…but

a Tim Horton had me stumped.

One was a tasty pastry while the

other served good coffee.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Quirky-Foods






cut (something) into pieces with repeated sharp blows
of an axe or knife

A steady hand, a sharp chisel and a fast-spinning lathe…

…Quickly sees all unwanted pieces of wood

chopped off leaving a smooth table leg

in its place.

A band saw cuts/chops a section of wood from this block.

Wood, cut into lengths ready for splitting…


…on Vancouver’s

Grouse Mountain,

British Columbia



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Chop





Knight to King three

Paying homage to the pioneers

Wood scraps




From Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain  …


…an eagle and…

…the classic woodpile.





Knight to King three

Melbourne Zoo

Tower of London.


A Roman eagle.






From Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain  …

…owls, and…

…and an eagle.


A Geelong floor covering shop window

during football finals.

Kwa Nokeng Lodge,


This image has been tagged as a

Moorabool Valley (Geelong) tags.

Personally I think it belongs with

New Zealand images

Statue of a Tusker at

Letaba Rest Camp,

home to the

Elephant Museum,

in Kruger National Park.




Wood from all over.

Botswana carving.

Grouse Mountain,



Horsham Botanic Gardens Statue.



Buninyong mining statue



Chessboard knight…or just a clever carving.


Cee’s Black & White Challeng:  Made-of-Wood