Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Entrances-and-Doors


My contribution for this week’s

Entrances and Doors

My interpretation for this week’s challenge…

calais_0074We entered Europe via the Port of Calais.

brugges_0111Soon after we were in our

first European city…Brugge in Belgium.

We had to walk into the Town Square

via Het Zand square and its fountain.

More about that later.

Het Zand from Google…Please correct me if I am wrong.



A short walk down this street and we were in

the Town Square…busy, full of tourists.


Here I began to take some shots which…


I thought would end up in

a photo challenge one day.


I was actually returning through this archway

which served as both exit and entrance

to the main square.


After our welcome dinner we had to return via

the Het Zand Fountain near our hotel.


I could have remained much longer

than I did taking these shots.

It was unfortunate that we did not stay

anywhere near a fountain for night shots

for the rest of our trip.

However, the twenty or so shots I have

will always be some of my favourites

and will always be remembered as

the end of our first day on the European Continent.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Houses


My contribution for this week’s



My focus is on housing this week.


This morning the demolition of the Calais refugee camp made

a two second visual grab on our electronic media.


In the comfort of our air-conditioned coach

we passed this camp twice in September.



Tucked behind a high barbed wire fence, we were told,

were 30,000 refugees while the internet claims a high of 10,000.

Whatever the real number these homes/housing

are now being destroyed so the occupants can/will move on.