Book Review-Hunter




 (Timothy Blake #2)


Jack Heath

Jack Heath’s, Hunter was the first I have read of this series and as I had never come across Jack Heath previously it was, obviously, the first of his works also.

One of the first things Timothy Blake, our star, did was to take a bite out of the arm of a villain and then stow said villain in his freezer.  I wasn’t quite sure, for a while, whether our hero was a vampire or just plain cannibalistic.

I found this book difficult to follow and was not interested in the cannibalistic theme.  In the last minute of the book, Timothy meets Fred.  Timothy wants to kill and eat Fred, until…..  And we are left hanging wondering.

Other reviewers give Book #1, The Hangman good reviews and ratings.  I don’t think I will try it and if I do, it will need to be much better before I go searching for a book #3 in this series.


I will, therefore, be joining a select group of 18 who have rated Hunter as less than three stars.

I did listen all the way to the end and,

therefore have rated Hunter as a audio book.

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