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A Head Full of Ghosts


Paul Tremblay

A Head Full of Ghosts was one of those books you wonder what possessed you to borrow it….almost from the first paragraph.

However the stubborn streak in me ensured that I persisted for nearly an hour and I was still none the wiser regarding what the plot, if any was about.  The author seemed ramble on and on about the main character and her sister.

Again, I note, this story was being told by the main character and books written in the first person should be avoided in my humble opinion.

The five or six chapters of A Head Full of Ghosts was disjointed to say the least.  However, I have just read the blurb again online and the lead character, fourteen year old, Marjorie apparently displays signs of schizophrenia.  Marjorie’s condition gets worse, a priest try to help out and fifteen years later the younger sister is interviewed about Marjorie’s illness and its effects on the family.

Most of the previous paragraph can be found in the blurb as I did not stick around long enough to get to fifteen years later.  One thing I have noted on the blurb is that Stephen King described the book as ‘…scaring the hell  out of me…’  I am a Stephen King fan but will not be drawn in by blurbs any more.   However, schizophrenia is a scary illness.

I am joining just 2% (429) other Goodreads readers who rated A Head Full of Ghosts in this category.

Maybe I will try it again another day.

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