Down Under places to visit in

Sydney and Melbourne.


It has been around 50 years since my first

and only visit to the Opera House.

  Such a memorable visit and if

you do visit the Sydney Opera House…


…you will get a good view of the Harbour Bridge.

When you visit Melbourne the

Victorian National Art Gallery

is situated on Skilda Road,

a short walk from the

Flinders Street Station.   

It is located under the white spire. 

A ten-minute tram ride out to

Saint Kilda Pier is well worth it for

some very nice city skyline views.

If shopping in Bourke Street (CBD)…


…why not visit the

Royal Arcade…

…and see Gog and Magog

ring out the hour.


The Rod Laver Arena, home to the

Australian Tennis Open,

in January, is literally across

the road from…

…the Melbourne Cricket Ground

where the 1956 Olympics

and the 2006 Commonwealth Games were held.

Regular tours of the MCG and the Sports Museum

are available if you are that way inclined.






Gog and Magog sound their alarm every hour

in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade


Although I have been to London several times

I have yet to remember hearing Big Ben.

   Maybe that is due to traffic noise

at ground level.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Alarms





a particular part or feature
of something.

Aspects of Melbourne…



National Gallery

of Victoria.

Historical Melbourne

The Royal Arcade


Hosier Lane tourist precinct,



Inside one of Melbourne’s Theatres.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Aspect




a long passage in a building from which
doors lead into rooms.

An external internal corridor at

Mt Sheba Resort,

South Africa.


Royal Arcade

could be considered a corridor

It’s certainly an internal passage of sorts

with doors leading to rooms

which we called shops.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:..Corridor