Weekly Photo Challenge-Against-The-Odds



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Against The Odds


On Valentines Day were asked to “double date’

(as MGW told her teenage girls at work) with

No. 1 Son and his Girlfriend.


Girlfriend said she had not had fish and chips

since arriving in Australia.

The venue was to be our place until Girlfriend decided

that fish and chips had to be eaten outdoors.

Girlfriend loves Geelong’s foreshore and that was the venue.


I thought we may have had a few seagulls for company, but…


when this sparrow alighted on our table and tried desperately

to pull a whole chip out of my hand, I knew

there was an unexpected photo opportunity

if I had my camera at the ready.


Not content with a chip, sparrow returned several times

to sample Girlfriend’s banana cake.

Sparrow and I both agreed that Girlfriend needs

more practise baking cakes and that we will be her taste testers 😀

Even though it was a bit chilly…

we have had a cool summer so far…

we all had an enjoyable evening out.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Shadow



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Shadows from near and far.


Take off at Maun airport. Botswana.


I love the picture ‘painted’ on the roof of this Geelong church.

Even more so now that the tree has been removed.

fisherman_4380And while technically a silhouette, the near side of

this fisherman was indeed in shaded by the morning sun.




Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-06_0502


Odd Ball

Week 06, 2017


Last Sunday the

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road, Cycling Classic

was held for the third year in and around Geelong.


I’m afraid this looked better than it does here.

However, the traffic control and support cars

made for some interesting images.


Fast forward into Geelong and set my tripod up

right on the edge of the gutter.

The wind these guys generated as they passed

nearly knocked me off my feet.


So I lowered my tripod for a different perspective

and…well I must have had B.O.

as every single rider took the opposite side of the road.

Still a great day for all concerned.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-06











Recently someone commented about…

the texture of eucalyptus trees


They can be very smooth to touch…


or rather rough,

particularly when shedding bark.


This one has a combination of textures

in a small area.


Something different.

House bricks all look reasonably smooth from a distance.

However, this one is anything but smooth at close quarters.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture



Speak Out


When we converted our farm into to forestry property,

we were assured that all fencing materials would be buried.

wire_1096Instead material was left lying around

wherever contractors decided to drop it.

wire_10924In one instance there was over $50 worth of

good quality posts thrown over my boundary fence

and left lying on the roadside for anyone to come and take.

The above mess was at least inside my fence lines.

 wire_1109It was only after a chat and some photos were sent

to the company writing my cheques

that a hole was created and wire began

to disappear from my paddocks.


DP_Discover Challenge: Speak Out