Although neither eyes or nose are on thirds intersections,

each is in a vertical third.


We only two or three Sightings of this bird.  

I believe it’s neck marks a vertical third withs eye

above the the thirds intersection.


Heads on thirds intersection.

Probably the pic of my ‘thirds’ photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Threes-‘n’-Threes







buy or obtain (an asset or object)
for oneself.

When I acquired my

Nikon D90……I discovered more versatility

than previous cheaper

pocket size cameras allowed. 

A few years later I acquired

the Sigma 50-500mm lens

mounted in this image.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Acquire




I think the sign says it all.



Another old faithful on the scrape heap.


Bridal car.

Or perhaps this is the bridal car.

They were at the same wedding.

The last two were on display five years ago, in Melbourne…



…celebrating 100 years of design.

They were displaying The General Motors (Holden) badge,

however, I have never seen the cars on the road.