The closest thing we have to Hurricanes are Whirlwinds,

also known as Willy-Willys.  However, our whirlwinds

while looking like a hurricane or tornado, only last

a few seconds, minutes at most, and are usually

in the open and do little or no damage.

The only experience I have with damage from this

weather phenomenon was in the 1900s or early 2000s.

Note the right hand side of my woolshed roof is

whiter cleaner, newer.

A six foot long sheet of iron was found in a paddock

100 metres away.

I remember thinking it was a pity that the other side

was not damaged as well,

so I could have replaced the whole roof.

It surely needed replacing.

However, we gone a little over two years

after this photo was taken.


Weekly Weather: Hurricane

Weekly Weather

Weekly Photo Challenge-Elemental



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My elemental images are all from Torquay this week.I find the sea beautiful…

even when it is calm in my first two image.


Generating a bit more energy… 

it provides a playground for…

surfer and photographer alike.

And when it becomes… 


too heavy for surfing…

it is a photographer’s delight.


 In my opinion.



Black and White Tuesday17-0808


Black and White Tuesday


Currently I am photographing and selling some

items on Facebook for my Father-in-law.

A puppy pot plant holder

In my 30+ plus years I have always thought

of this as just a door stopper.

However, it is actually a cigarette lighter.

Bowls which I cannot remember being used.


My favourite this week is a hand painted vase.

This is removable.

Don’t know what I would do with it but it is

my favourite knick-knack.



Hope you enjoyed.