Fishing on Victoria Falls,




Huka Falls,

near Taupo,

New Zealand




Hopkins Falls near Warrnambool,

South West Victoria.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Moving-Water






Every time I see photos of our shearing sheds

I confess to feeling a bit nostalgic.

I guess after spending 32 shearings/years

in this one (my parents)…

…and 18 years/shearings in our shed…

…that is to be expected.

However, then I think of the long hours

and associated stress for very little return

and my nostalgia is like a bird on the wing.


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a diagrammatic representation of an area
of land or sea showing physical features,
cities, roads, etc.

South West Coastline of Victoria

The left arrow indicates a major tourist destination

and our shoopping centre when living on the farm.

Geelong is some 200 (or more) kilometres

from my farm llife.





When this electricity line was constructed

back in the 1970s

…I was living near its destination, Portland,

some 300 kilometres west of Geelong.

It was built to take power to the

Alcoa Aluminium smelter built at Portland.

A few years ago the Geelong Alcoa plant was closed,

so the Portland smelter may be heading for closure also.

If so, I wonder will the power line be dismantled?

Probably not!

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