I often think of this cartoon, from my

Facebook feed during the pandemic.


A rural old shed environment.


A wrecked building



The two blocks past the crossroad

at the bottom of he hill were

Warrnambool’s Main Shopping Evironment.

At least fifteen years ago this was correct.

Since then as with Geelong several large

chains have opened storess and shopping

precincts out of the main CBD.


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a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel
to the sea, a lake, or another river.

The mouth of the Hopkins River

as it empties into Bass Strait.

Wimmera River at Horsham







a mark or character used as a conventional
representation of an object, function,
or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing
for a chemical element or a character
in musical notation.

Definitely reminded me of the

Treble Clef






my town

the city or town where one was born
or grew up


A new court yard at 

my birth place, the

Warnambool Base Hospital


Bass Strait in the background…

…behind the breakwater in this image.


The Main Street is one block to the right. 

However, if my memory serves me correctly

this street almost takes you directly

to the beaches and campig grounds.


Main Street of Warrnambool

Lady Bay and Warrnambool beach