Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Birds


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


Birds from the Geelong region.

White faced or White Necked Heron

Black Shouldered Kite

Pacific Gull   

 Wedge Tail Eagles

Wedge Tail Eagle

 If you cannot sight any of the above,

you can always feed this bloke.

Permanently hungry, I believe.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-Z


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to contain the Letter Z anywhere in word)

Dozing pooches

The Rainforest Cafe at Victoria Falls,

in Zimbabwe.

Map of Zimbabwe World Heritage Site at Victoria Falls.

 Up stream from Victoria Falls

on the Zambezi River

The Zambezi Helicopter which took us over the Falls.


I just could not let the Letter Z pass by

without a photo of

the horse in striped pyjamas,

could I?


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-Y


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to start or end with the letter Y)

New photos this week, commencing in…

Ypres, Belgium and the Flanders Field Museum exterior.


Still in Ypres and a shot of Menin Gate.

Across the Channel to York and the…

Yorkboat departure point.

Yorkboat now known as City Cruises.

Yachts on Corio Bay.

A different view of Yachts on Corio Bay.

This part of the Bay always looks amazing

as the yachts constantly change positions

under the influence of wind and tide.


One Word Photo Challenge-Monkey






You would  think that…butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth,

wouldn’t you?


These shots taken just after it had dropped down

out of the tree and pinched the apple

MGW had on her hand bag.

We laugh (a bit) about it now,

however, if it had taken  the whole bag,

money passport etc….it may

have been a different story.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Monkey




This is not my first post from…

however, it may be the first devoted solely to

Balyang Sanctuary, a wetland reserve

within Geelong city limits.

From the car park this tree

is one of the first sights

a visitor may see.

Usually there are birds surrounding its base.

This visit it was seagulls.


 There are two…


bridges to cross to the far side of the sanctuary…a short walk.

  Often visitors spread a blanket in this area…

 and enjoy a picnic, some solitude or the views.

That’s if you can ignore a myriad of birds

talking to each other in the trees overhead.

I find the Balyang Sanctuary inhabitants

provide many photographic opportunities.


 Even better, I don’t need  to ask permission

to take their photo.

 And if I do take a photo, the subject is unlikely

to tell me to delete a photo should they think

I had pointed the camera in their general direction.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Outdoor-Walks-or-Roads



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-X


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Letter X anywhere in the word )

Mostly reposts….but…Texture of concrete.

A Juxtaposition of old a new methods of transport.


Some of the Extravagance on display

at Versailles Palace.


A couple out for a stroll along the sand near the

Twelve Apostles along Victoria’s

South West Coast line.

Both appear to be fairly tall…

perhaps above average height.


In this Context however,

they are tiny.


Wordless Wednesday17_0131

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Some images from South Africa.

Bateleur Eagle

 Not sure if an eagle or hawk.


We were able to feed and hold this bloke. 

Well, hold with assistance.


Ground Hornbill keeping an eye on things. 

How about the eye lashes?

As we left we could get the Warthog

shoe clean if we so desired. 🙂

All images taken at the 

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

Wordless Wednesday

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