One of the gentler looking…

African animals.


…those long legs can do a lot of damage

and have been known to kill when surprised.






Week 1

Mount Denali,

Denali National Park,


At 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level

Mt Denali is the highest peak on

the North American continent.


Lens-Artist Photo challenge: Wonder


Travelling in one of these buses, for eight hours

with half the trip in the very back seat, was…

an experience I don’t wish to repeat.

Should there have been another rock slide,

we drove past many sites of landslips/slides,

I was not sure how we would extract ourselves from this bus.

Forty-eight adults in a forty-eight seat school bus

is not a safe way to travel…in my opinion.


Fandango’s-One-Word-Challenge: Fear