Patterns from anywhere.

Nothing like ‘Mod Cons’…

to keep drinks and edibles chilled.

No matter how hard the sun shines, some mornings 

Mother Nature wins with frosts like this

and it takes a while to warm up.


It was only chilled air that could have helped

form this horizontal icicle about a decade ago.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Chilled






Patterns from anywhere.

King’s Cross Station, London. 

Platform four and three-quarters, I believe.


Foyer of our hotel in Naples.

A church wall in Nice.

From Nice, again.

Wall patterns in York.

Again from York.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Patterns





This is not my first post from…

however, it may be the first devoted solely to

Balyang Sanctuary, a wetland reserve

within Geelong city limits.

From the car park this tree

is one of the first sights

a visitor may see.

Usually there are birds surrounding its base.

This visit it was seagulls.


 There are two…


bridges to cross to the far side of the sanctuary…a short walk.

  Often visitors spread a blanket in this area…

 and enjoy a picnic, some solitude or the views.

That’s if you can ignore a myriad of birds

talking to each other in the trees overhead.

I find the Balyang Sanctuary inhabitants

provide many photographic opportunities.


 Even better, I don’t need  to ask permission

to take their photo.

 And if I do take a photo, the subject is unlikely

to tell me to delete a photo should they think

I had pointed the camera in their general direction.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Outdoor-Walks-or-Roads





My memories of photos of this attraction were… always of a building on its own.



Never once had I thought of it surround

by walls of other buildings…


clustered in a relatively small area.

 However, all my memories were incorrect.

I’m just not certain where a photo

could be taken and leave the viewer

with the illusion of a Tower leaning

and not surrounded by other buildings.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Walls





For the Open Topic I have chosen to post

photos taken in 2018,

commencing with the furthermost object…

the Moon.

A bridge, forming pat of Geelong’s Ring Road,

and although it appears fairly close…


it is just part of the back ground in this shot.


Sunrise from our front yard.


Visitors to our backyard.

Galah is also a term bestowed upon someone

who has done something silly.

As in

‘…you galah…’

‘…you flaming galah…’

‘…you’re a galah…’

Click here for the Google search results.

Galah can be used in a derrogatory, or friendly, sense.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open-Topic





First up we have two…

corner units for a bedroom or else where.

These pylons in Venice’s Grand Canal

are effectively street corners as

they mark the corners/intersection of waterways

in the same fashion as a street corner does.

Finally, VC Corner near Fromelles, in France.

Not sure why it was named VC  Corner.

No VCs (Victoria Crosses…the highest award for bravery

in the British/Australian Army)

as no VCs were awarded.

However I read that fighting was so fierce

that all soldiers fighting here should have been

awarded a Victoria Cross.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Corners





 I guess we all find that the more birthdays we have there

is a tendency for the price of our ‘toys’

to rise significantly.

This is the toy Santa gave me at Christmas just gone.

As yet still unused…but just what I wanted.

My Nikon D90 DSLR was the first of these two toys.

The Sigma lens is several years newer.


Say ‘Hello’ to Quinn.  Quinn was given to me

by Number 2 son and Daughter-in-law because Candi

was not ready to leave her mum at Christmas/Birthday time.

  Candi was their real present to replace Ginger.

Again from Number 2 Son and DIL.

Ted E. Bare was a gift for MGW this past Christmas.

Ted comes complete with an iPod full of phrases

and comments from his show.

Ventriloquist, David Strassman has toured

most of the world, I believe, and is definitely worth parting

company with some of your hard earned dollars

to catch his show.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Toys