quirky food

not sure what it is, or even if they do know what it is,
it’s been cooked or presented in a way that’s unfamiliar to them.

Perhaps Black Forest Cake, is not really a quirky food,

however, I had no idea that it would be filled

with layers of cream.


The first time someone told us about Beaver Tails

I imagined lots of beavers minus a big fat tail.

It wasn’t until we were up on Grouse Mountain

that I noticed the lack of tail less beavers.

Signage was still advertising Beaver Tails

for consumption though.

It reminded me of a week or so earlier,

after a 14 hour flight from Brisbane we were

directed ‘…go past Tim Hortons…’

in the Vancouver airport.

At least I could envision a Beaver Tail…but

a Tim Horton had me stumped.

One was a tasty pastry while the

other served good coffee.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Quirky-Foods





propel the body through water by using the limbs,
or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal)
by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.

Elephants crossing the Chobe River

from Botswana to Namibia.

Not sure if they were

swimming or simply walking.


In the vicinity of Germany’s Rhine Falls

In the lobby of the

Parkside Hotel in Victoria

(British Columbia) Canada…


…these fish were enjoying their environment.










the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal.


a waterless, desolate area of land with little or no vegetation,
typically one covered with sand.








Xanthorrhoea plants are also known as Balga Grass Plants.

 ‘Balga’ is the Aboriginal word for black boy and

for many years the plant was fondly known as a “Black Boy”.

It is thought that the Aborigines called the plants Balga

because after a bush fire had ravaged the land,

the blackened trunk of the Xanthorrhoea would

be revealed beneath the burned lower leaves,

and would resemble a child-like black figure.

Others believe that the plant,

with its bush fire-blackened trunk and long flower spike

resembled an Aboriginal boy wielding a spear.

Whatever the case, as the years have passed,

it is seen as an extremely racist name,

and is thought to be very offensive

to the original custodians of the land,

so the plants are more commonly known as Grass Tree,

because let’s face it Xanthorrhoea is a bit of a mouthful.






When I think back and remember how hard

I found maths and not a single practical application, 

especially not taXes.


Window boXes overflowing with red blooms




Water TaXi


Vancouver Island



Soxie…our last farm pet to pass away











a point of time as in hours and minutes
past midnight or noon.




Time can be measured by hour glasses…

…Clock with roman numerals…


…clocks made in far away countries…


Rhineland’s Cuckoo Clock Factory

has carved wooden figurines

dancing around to mark

the hour and half hour.


And again the

Flinders Street Clocks

mark the time of the next train

on each line passing through

the Station.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Time