a person walking rather than
travelling in a vehicle.




Viennese Pedestrians.

Murano pedestrians

Palace of Versailles pedestrians

Eastern Beach, Geelong

African pedestrians.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Pedestrian




This  is the time of year when the

countryside and gardens

are on the brink of exploding into

a mass of golden yellow.

Two species of acacias come into full bloom

this time of year.

The first three images are…



…Cootamundra Wattles.



Easily identified with their soft green leaves

and their smaller flower heads.


The next two images are Golden Wattles.

Golden Wattles have bigger flower heads and

long strappy leaves (my description).


In my opinion either one looks beautiful

when in full bloom.

This Red Wattle Bird gets in on the act…


…with a splash of yellow on its belly.




Most of our older daffodils are

at this stage at the moment.

New plantings, 2020, have only just broken

the surface in many instances.

Soon buds will be showing…

…followed by golden yellow blooms…

…throughout our garden.

This year, however, yellow will be joined

by around 80 pink bulbs.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Yellow




A few years ago No. 2 Son and his wife

purchased this small three bedroom house

for their first home.

We gave the house a thorough inspection

when we had a look through and gave

the garage a cursory look at best,

because a garage is a garage.

Right? Not so.

This garage had been downsized.

Its door was not wide enough to accommodate

Daughter-In-law’s family car,

a Holden Commodore which was about six feet wide.

It would only accommodate the medium to small

car which No. 2 Son drove.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Downsizing




Too cold for a photography outing this weekend

so I have had a look at some images

which contain people to see what I could find. 

Not sure if I noticed the couple before

or after I took the shot, however…

…from the wide angle comes a nice photo of a couple.

This photo…

…and this one…

…blended to create this image posted in

‘Capture the Moment’

for last week’s

Friendly Friday 

Similarly at Melbourne’s

Saint KIlda Pier…

…the wide angle shot cropped to focus

on the model and photographer. 

Both model and photographer were participating

in this shoot to fulfil requirements

of a course they were taking.


Are these two an ‘item‘?

Maybe…in this crop…

…and maybe not, the more space

they have around them.

From this crowded scene comes many stories.

One of which could be: 

The shark was this big, dead set!’

This game of badminton and its two spectators

was found….

…right here on Sydney’s

Manly Beach



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   The-Watcher




I am native to Australia, 

some may even think

I am cute and cuddly

Maybe that’s because

I am Cuddly Koala’s

closest living relative.

I am one of the world’s largest

burrowing mammals. 

My mobility is usually a waddle,

but I have been known to run

at 40 km per hour.

 If you happen to be tracking

in Australia and see some

cube shaped poo, I won’t be far away!

Haven’t got a clue?  Click here for a solution.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   What-Am-I?




While in Arras (France) in 2017…

…I happened across its Saturday market.

I’m not sure if all products for sale could be

declared as farmers produce…

…so therefore not certain…


…if it was a Farmer’s Market.


However, it is…


the only market which I have photos of and… 


  …therefore, the only market which

 comes close to fitting this challenge.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Farmers-Markets






This week I don’t have a slang photo  to use with my post.  However, I do have a book review I wrote a few years ago.


My full review may be read by clicking this link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26116447-red-tide

My second consecutive Billy Knight ‘thriller’ by Jeff Lindsay, and I must confess that it was a thrill to read/listen to the last pages of this, again, boring ‘thriller’. If anything it was less interesting than Billy Knight #1……..

…….Finally as an Australian reader (and reviewer) may I suggest that taking a swipe at Australia and anything Australian (or any other nationality, for that matter) is not the way to win friends and influence people: especially when it happens in each of Billy Knight’s books.

“Your name’s Billy, not Silly” said Aussie character Nicky who always seemed a have a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Lindsay then proceeded with a lengthy description of Australian rhyming slang. Lindsay concludes this must be because we name our towns/places with names such as Kalgoorlie (Western Australia), Woolloomooloo and Wollongong (New South Wales). Sure there are many place names which are taken directly or are derivatives of Native Australian local languages/dialects. In both Billy Knight 1 & 2, Lindsay is happy to take the mickey out of Nicky

I would suggest he have a bopeep (look) in his own backyard before taking the micky

taking the micky…………….
>It is a shortening of the idiom taking the piss out of, which is an >expression meaning to mock, tease, joke, ridicule, or scoff. … Taking the >Mickey (Mickey Bliss, Cockney rhyming slang), taking the >Mick or taking the Michael is another term for making fun of someone.
>Source: Taking the piss – Wikipedia

out of anyone again. At least get the research right. Click, or copy and paste this link


to find a list of Native American Place names which have direct links to, or origins from either Native American, Mexican, Polynesian or Athabaskan languages.

My concluding paragraph of my review is as follows…..

Blimey! If this bloke had got off his Khyber Pass and bothered to take a Captain Cook on the world wide web, or even get on the old Dog an’ Bone and asked someone who might know, he would have quickly learned, maybe, that Aussie rhymin’ slang and our unusual place names have little in common. Why? ‘Coz one is local, the other originates in the Mother Country with a few Down Under twists. With better research this could a bin a ripsnorter of a read. Instead it’s a Barry Crocker!

Only ONE star from this reader and no more Billy Knight thrillers for me.


Translation below if you did not follow…….. explanations in BOLD

Blimey (A British expression of surprise.  Down Under the word STREWTH is often used in similar fashion)! If this bloke had got off his Khyber Pass (Arse) and bothered to take a Captain Cook (look) on the world wide web, or even get on the old Dog an’ Bone (Phone) and asked someone who might know, he would have quickly learned, maybe, that Aussie rhymin’ slang and our unusual place names have little in common. Why? ‘Coz (Because) one is local, the other originates in the Mother Country (Great Britain) with a few Down Under twists. With better research this could a bin/been a ripsnorter (great) of a read. Instead it’s a Barry Crocker (shocker)!


Just in case any reader thinks I have been hard on Jeff Lindsay, please read my review of Mandy Magro’s Rosalee Station.   Ms Magro is an Australian author and I like to support local authors as I am sure other readers support their local authors.  I, along with several other readers thought little of Magro’s overuse of Aussie Slang.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Invent-Slang






Family photos are few and far between and there is an unspoken agreement that no family photos are published.  Even brides of the seventies and eighties have given the thumbs down to post their photos even though the subjects now look nothing like those in the wedding photos.


 So instead my ancestors may come back to haunt me.  I only ever remember meeting Rita, Jim and Frank.  There is a photo of 18 month old Woolly with Grandfather Bill, he died a week later.  Auntie Edie (far right) spent much of her life in Perth.


Brothers and Sisters.

From left to right

My Grandfather Bill,

and siblings

Rita, Jim, Frank, Edie


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Family-Photo






Scenery from our travels.


Million Dollar View


Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel.


Mount Ruapehu

Tongariro National Park

New Zealand.


Drakensburg Mountains,

South Africa

I think this is Sulphur Mountain


Banff’s Main Street



A view from

Rocky Mountaineer

Train Ride

to Vancouver.


Finally, a genuine

Victorian sunrise


Corio Bay,



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Scenic