Many times I have written about my Grandfather.

This collage is but a few of the family photos of the era.

My Grandfather (Bill) in his latter years.

Bill’s brother in law (Jack) along with his sister,

…my Grandmother…Bill’s wife.

Bill’s eldest daughter, Mary,

with her grandfather, (centre bottom).

Mary passed away a few years ago.

Top centre is a photo of all personnel involved

in firing The First Shot of The Great War, August 5, 1914. 

Grandfather Bill is standing

on the extreme left of the group.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Family-Album



Much of the romance of a Viennese Gondola ride…

…was swept away by the smells

of rotting wooden doorways

exposed due to lower

water levels on the day.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  The Street


Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~

Although we cannot see the tree,

we have to believe it is not a trick of photoshop

or some other editor.

Which it is not.

My reason for posting this photo again,

apart from the fact that I like the image,

is that the tree no longer exists

and while the Church still stands, last time I drove past,

the whole parking area surrounding the church has been

turned into a used car lot.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  The-Tree


Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~

When visiting Rome,

you do as the Romans do…

tolerate all other 220,000 visitors…


…visiting Rome each day.


We were told 80,000,000 visitors visit Rome each year.

The Trevi Fountain had its share the day we visited.

These were the best…

…people free shots I managed.

Even after twenty minutes or so of

visitors coming and going,

there had been no obvious change

to the crowd.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Visitors


Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~



Valentine’s Day Roses


Corio Bay channel marker

Red Headed Weaver

in Botswana

Completing the series with…


…two totally different dahlias.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Flamboyant-Red