Perseus with the Head of Medusa~~~~~

My unusual is the statue of

Perseus with the Head of Medusa

By the time we reached Florence the thinking part

of my brain must have been on permanent hibernation.

I remember asking myself what Perseus standing on

and what was he holding.

My initial thought was that he had

a bunch of grapes in his hand.

I did say I was tired!!! 🙂



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Unusual



Commencing with a light-hearted ‘bottle’.

Commonly called a ‘bottle brush’

Callistemon are hardy plants.

I am going to guess this is

the Captain Cook Callistemon.

A random bottle of grape juice

About the only thin MGW and I have

ever won via a trivia quiz.

Sadly, we don’t imbibe, at all, and gave it away.

Still don’t know if it is a good vintage.

And this is to size of a

New Zealand bottle.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Bottles



Commencing in Melbourne’s

Werribee Open Range Zoo.

A big and small horn on a white rhinoceros.

Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Even the ‘small’ is big by our standards.

Mum, Dad and family on a hot day in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa..



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Big-and-Small



Rectangular Prism

A solid (3-dimensional) object which has six faces that are rectangles.

It has the same cross-section along a length, which makes it a prism.

Less than 90 days…

…until these rectangular prisms

are on display again.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Rectangular Prism