with no special or distinctive features; normal.

Apart from the size of this cup and saucer set

and the fact that it is a light,

not a mug/cup and saucer,

it could pass as rather ordinary…

…especially when compared to these mugs

purchased in South Africa…

…and this vintage set from England.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Ordinary







In January 2017, Mother-in-law passed away.

Shortly thereafter Father-in-law decided

to move into a retirement village.

This Vacola preserving kit was one of the many things

which was listed for sale when downsizing

from a 3 bedroom house to a

small 2 bedroom retirement village house.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Preserving-Food






pubs, taverns

a place of business where people gather
to drink alcoholic beverages
and be served food


As the sign states Port Fairy’s…

Stump Hotel is the oldest licensed hotel in Victoria.

And it is located just across the road from

the stadium in which we played basketball

two nights each week,

during the summer of 1972.

A very good place to visit

to rehydrate after a game.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Pubs-Taverns






of the colour of the sky without clouds on a bright day,
or a darker or lighter shade of blue


Blue hour,

Geelong Marina.


Blue Pansies


Geelong Ferris Wheel


An Air Arctic plane flew us over the Arti Circle.


Our Blue Gums


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Blue





not anticipated or predicted


Unforeseen 1: Our 2013 safari itinerary did not state

that there would be an evening game drive…


…the day before we were due to depart

Sausage Tree Safari Camp.


Unforeseen 2:  Our driver told us

There has been a sighting,

but it’s at the other end of the reserve”.

So, for the next ten minutes we held on tightly

as we bumped our way along a rudimentary track

We soon came upon Limpy the Lioness…

…and her Cubs

It didn’t take long until…

…the Cubs decided…

…elephant dung…

…was a good place to do…

…some tourist watching.


These are…



…a sample…

…of the 300 photos taken during our twenty minute sighting.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Unforeseen





refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution,
or other danger.


Anywhere with a camera

and I’m in my sanctuary.



Another sanctuary is being out in my shed

bringing a woodwork project to life.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Sanctuary




More burnt offerings come out of

this device than from anywhere else

in our household.

Exacerbated by the fact that I don’t mind

a bit of charcoal on my toast whereas

MGW likes hers with a light suntan only.

Anything darker is considered burnt.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Burnt-Offerings




Commencing with the

Million Dollar View

at Banff in Canada.

A bit closer to some is

New Zealand’s,

Mount Ruapehu

on the North Island.

One of my favourite Australian views.

Since 2005 we have lived much closer to…


…Geelong’s Corio Bay.


In no particular order…

…these are but a few of my sunrise images.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…The-View




My post this week focuses on home projects

during the past few years.

I have already posted about the projects

and have included only one or two images

from each post with a link to the original post

if any readers wish to read more.

After fifteen years under our verandah,

it was decreed that a planter holder,

which I made at school in 1964 or 1965,

was past its prime.

It was meant to hold pot plants and was filled

with everything but potted plants.


It was to be a box, come seat, I was told.

My original post with more images

can be found here…

Box Seat

In 2016 with  the arrival of two new pups,

it was again decreed that there

should also be new kennels

My original kennels post can be

found here…

New Kennels.


In 2020, during lockdown 2, or 3,

we decided to add a border around a garden bed

which refer to as the orchard because

our fruit trees are here.

As I stated at the time it would not be completely finished

until September/October this year (2021).

My original post can be found here…



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Boxing-Day