“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.”


If I borrow this week’s quote as the basis

for my post, when my mind wanders

it wanders straight back to the farming days.

Fifty-five years of farm life is difficult

to eradicate overnight, so to speak.

This is the second rotation/crop of trees

beginning their life after our first harvest.



 Our first crop of trees at 6 or 7 years of age.

Both boys are around the 180cm mark

which gives an idea of how high the Blue Gums

are at approximately half their life span.

I have many good memories of farm life

and some difficult ones also.

Whether the memories are good or bad,

I am happy not to be on a farm

at this point of my life


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Where-the-Heart-is



For this week’s challenge

…I commenced with a busy shot at the

Dahlia Farm.

This is the worst crop, in my opinion,

as it still has too many distractions

and the main subject is still unclear.

Some may consider the buds a distraction

in this crop, however, I think

they balance the main bloom nicely.



If you wanted a bloom only image then

this is the pick of the images.

Again, in my opinion.

I am stressing my opinion

as I don’t believe that my eye is

good, or artistic, enough.

However, as the topic is badly cropped

then my first crop is a waste of time

as far as improving the image goes

and is therefore, badly cropped


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Badly-Cropped



During the past year or so I have been

playing around entering photos in

challenges on Gurushots.com

So, for this weekend’s challenge

I am posting some of the images

which have been voted into the

Top 10% of a challenge.

The first three have all received enough votes

in a challenge to see them finish in

the top 10% of their challenge.

All images have also had multiple…

…Top 20% and Top 30% achievements

in other challenges.

While this Griffin Gully Pier photo

has achieved the highest number

of votes of all of my photos achieving

three Top 100 rankings and

Multiple Top 20% and Top 30% finishes

it has never finished in the Top 10%.

Should anyone be interested in

having a look at my images on


Clicking the above link should take you

to my photos page.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Give-It-10



Today is the first time I have

ever heard of the colour Tiger.

However, it seems that the Tiger colour is orange,

so this scooter may suit the challenge admirably.


Oranges or mandarins…either one is okay by my eyes.

Believe it or not this car is not

Tiger Colour, nor Orange.

Its official colour is Jaffa.

Now I don’t know if the

rest of the world has heard of Jaffas.

Think lollies or candy.

A Jaffa is a ball of chocolate

covered in a hard,

dark orange or red, edible coating.

My Father used to talk of sitting in

the back row at the movies so he, or others,

could roll Jaffas down the aisle.

That could only have happened

before the aisles were carpeted.

As for Jaffa being a colour, the car

is one of the last Holdens made in Australia.

So just not sure if it is a Australian colour

or a colour from General Motors USA.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Tiger



The only way wind farms are useful is if they

are blown by the wind.

Does that meet the criteria?  🙂

On the other hand…

….these neighbours trees..,

…are much safer…

  …and are more useful…

…if they are not…

…being blown by strong…

…westerly winds.

By the end of October

some of the crops…

…will be tall enough to be blown by gentle winds.

It reminds me of surface rolling

into beaches when this happens.



August 5, 2014 there was enough wind about to make

our flags look good at the 100th Memorial of Firing the

First Shot of World War I.

We scored an invitation because my Grandfather

was part of the Gun Crew which

fired that Shot across the bow of the

German Freighter SS Pfalz

from Point Nepean Fort.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:….Wind-Blown



Arras Bell Tower (France)

Clock face

Face of surprise as the dancer’s foot

broke through the floor

Happy faces at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp


Smiling face of belly dancer at

Dubai (U.A.E.)

Desert Dinner.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:….TheFace





I read ‘precious’.

A re-read found the extra ‘co’.

Time being of the essence and today is short

on time..again.

Can my pets be precious this time?

Please?  🙂

Pets throughout the years.

Brandy..More than pet more like a colleague

01-11-1988 to 15-09-2001


March 2000 – August 2016



See the expression on his face

Moppett was not wanted by her owners and MGW

rescued her from an untimely departure

from this world.

She now lives under our the Mop Top Tree

which is a grafted variety of Robinia


Whatever the dogs thought it was Sox who was boss.

Maggie always slept on the outer when Sox

wanted some blanket and sun.


        Ginger, a pup from the first and only litter

sired by Brandy, also enjoyed

being a retired sheepdog.

She died rather suddenly in the Spring of 2015,

ending a 28 year run with father and daughter

as my favourite dogs.



The summer of 2016 saw our current Labrador

enter our life.

It was not until a few weeks after her papers arrived

that we discovered the new kid on the block

and dear old Maggie were related.

Maggie’s G-G and Taji’s G-G-G

(their Grandfather / Grandmother were litter mates)


Yet they were bred over 200 kilometres

and 15 years apart.


A few weeks later saw the arrival of

my Black and Tan Kelpie, Candi.

Candi was a belated Christmas birthday gift

from Number 2 Son and Number 1 Daughter-in-Law.

Just prior to Christmas to 2018 we rescued

our latest addition to the backyard menagerie.

Smudge (check photo and right side of nose)

is so timid that lawn mowers and similar

will send him into hiding.

That’s okay if he is hiding in his pen,

however he also hides in the garden and will

not appear until hunger gets the better of him

or he deems the coast is clear.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Precious-Pets




If I have a green thumb, its result are shown

in some of this year’s bulb plantings.

Beyond its best this is one of my pink daffodils.

While the trumpet was slightly darker

in its prime it was still nothing like

the eBay advertising image.


The odd ball in this post are these freesias.

A rich golden yellow,

this is not a 2020 planting.



Another colourful result

of this year’s plantings.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Green-Thumb