a person living next door to or very near
to the speaker or person referred to.

On the farm our nearest neighbour was

over 450 metres, or 25.33 suburban house frontages,

west of our house.

Our next closest neighbour was over 600 metres

north-east just out of the top right corner of this image.






license plates


York Tourist train appears to be wearing

British License plates.

At the Meredith Vintage Car Show…


…many cars were registered as vintage or veteran cars

with Car Club plates.

Simple license plates on Victorian Trains, however.

SIMS-55 is possibly a personalised plate.

Up until a few years ago Victorian number/license plates

consisted of three letters and three numbers. 

In this case, HGK 499 and issued before 1965 

This is a (General Motors, Australia) Holden Torana

of the late 60s early 70s. 

Recently, Vehicle registration plates have consisted

of 2 Numbers and 4 letters e.g. 1AB-2CD

If you want to outlay somewhere in the vicinity

of $300-$400 for personalised plates they

can distinguish your vehicle from the crowd. 






move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down
each foot in turn, never having both feet
off the ground at once.

Lake Wendouree (Ballarat)

Walking Track






make (someone or something) different;
alter or modify.

It would have taken years out in the elements

for nature to change new fence palings

into old and weathered palings.


A minute or so in a buzzer and

they look almost new again.

Some oil and varnish and they

are ready to put on display.






a quantity of precious metals, gems,
or other valuable objects.

Dad’s idea of treasure was old wire.

Not just rusty wire like this,

rather it was antique wire no longer

in production which caught his eye.

He had mounted it so it could be

easily taken to, and displayed at

historical society functions.






the quality of being amusing or comic,
especially as expressed in literature or speech.

After nearly a year of treatment for prostate

and breast cancer Father-In-Law still

had his sense of humour when our boys

presented him with a wig to replace all

the hair he had lost in 2008.

Five years ago, in 2017, he moved

into a retirement village where

he is still going strong.