the furthest or most extreme part of something.

One end…


…and the other end of an elephant.


The northernmost end of our 2018 holiday

was Wiseman, Alaska,

located 63 miles inside

the Arctic Circle.

For the record, according to Google

Wiseman is 8,040 miles or 12,939.13 km

  from Geelong


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…End






a strong open vehicle with two or four wheels,
typically used for carrying loads
and pulled by a horse.

A Melbourne Brewery has a team of Clydesdale horses

which pulls a beer-laden dray similar to this one

around Melbourne CBD

I captured this image just outside the

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

on my way to a game of

Australian Rules Football.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Carts






Gog and Magog sound their alarm every hour

in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade


Although I have been to London several times

I have yet to remember hearing Big Ben.

   Maybe that is due to traffic noise

at ground level.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Alarms






(of lines, planes, or surfaces) side by side and having
the same distance continuously between them.

Parallels everywhere…


Although this appears to have features akin to

that Tower at Pisa, there are parallel lines all over.

More parallels…

Even though these lines appear to merge,

we all know that that is an optical illusion

because if they are not parallel

we don’t get a ride!


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Parallel





pressing matters


Sadly, or perhaps happily, I can remember

the pre-power days prior to 1956

when ironing was done by irons

that had to heat up on the woodstove.

Today, this is where the ironing is done.

It’s marvellous how quickly we repurposed bedrooms

after the boys left home!

If it is a real emergency or perhaps a work shirt

(outdoors, not office work)

the round iron (tumble dryer) will suffice.

One thing I do when drying shirts is to remove

them from the dryer while still damp

and then iron them.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Pressing-Matters






a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening
and typically supporting the weight of
a bridge, roof, or wall above it

London’s Tower Bridge and its four arches


Rome’s Colosseum…

…and all its…


The Sydney Habour Bridge arch is arguably

the most well-known arch in the world.


Very much closer to home, the Prince’s Bridge…

…and the Evan Walker Foot Bridge…

…both contain arches over

Melbourne’s Yarra River.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Arch






(of a thing) not able to be found because
it is not in its expected place

During my 2017 visit to the Western Front Battlefields,

we visited many memorials dedicated to those who

paid the ultimate sacrifice and those listed as missing.

The Thiepval Memorial, on the Somme, was one such

Memorial to French-Anglo Soldiers.

Although only 300 French and 300 British graves

in this French-Anglo memorial,

it set the tone for our few days

on the Western Front.

 I could only wonder if there were any of

the 72,000 names inscribed upon the Memorial

watching over their comrades in arms,

as I imagined they may be.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Missing






*break free from confinement or control.
*a form of a temporary distraction from
reality or routine.

This morning it was foggy when I felt Candi off

for her morning run…which translates to the rest of the day,

providing she behaved herself.

She was sitting quietly at the kennel door

while I made myself a cup of coffee.

Good Girl thought I.

Not So!

She waited until I was distracted and

again made good her escape.

I’m not sure where she goes, however, if

I cannot see her she must be up to mischief

After several whistles, she turned up with

a very innocent look on her face.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Escape