My very late ‘faux flower’ post.




Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Faux-Flowers




Colourful images

in Sepia.

Recently posted pink blossom.

This season’s jonquils.

The Twelve Apostles.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Sepia




fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs,
or the pleasure derived from this.

Over recent years…

It has given me satisfaction…

…to see two of my photos sold and adorning walls.

In 2013 I took this photo

on last night of our African Safari.


We then contacted a South African Artist

who turned the photo into a work of art.

The following year, this leopard which MGW photographed

was also turned into a souvenir of our Botswana Safari.

Overall I think my hobby fulfills

the definition of satisfaction.

However, it is not quite as financial

as it was in the 1970s/80s.

In that era a few weddings each year

paid for my equipment.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Satisfaction



A Saint Bernard at Taupo,

New Zealand

Black Cockatoo.

Black Shouldered Kite.

Little Black Cormorant.

Black Agapanthus.

Black Panther to be precise, I believe.

Queenscliff’s Black Lighthouse.

One of three in the world and

the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Black



These days it is seldom I post edit

my photos a great deal.Last Friday morning I again ventured out for that elusive sunrise.

Alas!  Nothing spectacular.

Above is Straight Out Of Camera.

Adjust lighting a little, boost saturation,

straighten horizon and crop.

Often I Photoshop seagulls out of an image

as they are often a blur when using a slow shutter.

I have also noticed the tanker is just emerging from the sun.

I was more enthusiastic four years ago however…

Above is the edited version….

And this is the original.



These rubbish bins and car were annoying me

so the cloning brush removed them.



One bin and car gone, one bin to go.


No bins…no car.

Those with more Photoshop skills than I ever

hope to possess will notice blemishes in the editing

however when we zoom out to the ‘big picture’

they are even harder to see.



The final piece of editing was to remove

this car to a ‘not noticeable’ degree.

A simple crop fixed this.


Observant readers may have noticed…

…the elephant in the image.

The light tower.


I think it is a better looking photo

without the light tower.

This is Kardinia Park,

home to the

Geelong Football Club



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Edit