a continuous vertical brick or stone structure
that encloses or divides an area of land


A gateway in the wall around

Old York.

Inside old York’s Wall


Dry Stone walls are the best I can do

from around this area.


Ancient Roman wall and bricks around or near


Vatican City.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Walls








an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle,
fitted with glass in a frame to admit light or air
and allow people to see out.


A window doorway.

Whatever you call it Maggie approved.


The view from

Gods Window

over the

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

South Africa

This window just had to be photographed.

It is the view out Buckland’s BnB, about a five-minute drive

from the Hobbit Movie Set near Matamata,

New Zealand

When booking our Rocky Mountaineer options…

…we decided to pay the extra for the Gold Leaf experience…

…as carriages with windows in the roof were

all that we had ever seen advertised.


The less expensive, Silver Leaf Carriages have a restricted view…

…with windows only in the sides of the carriage

and meals are eaten in your seat.

Gold Leaf guests have a downstairs dining room.

The above image shows one Gold Leaf Carriage

on the extreme right.

The lower row of windows is in the dining area.

The front 5 or 6 cars are Silver Leaf Carriages.




Coffee shop


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Window








the natural satellite of the earth,
visible (chiefly at night) by reflected light
from the sun.


Not much in the way of winter moons,

however, plenty of other moon images.

August moonset

November Moon

November Full Moon

Blood Moon


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Winter-Moon







step by step

so as to progress gradually and carefully
from one stage to the next


All of my handyman projects commence their life

as little more than a doodle,

which is then further refined by adding

some rough measurements.

Then I check what available timber I have in my shed

and what timber I need to purchase.

At this point, measurements are still flexible.

By flexible I mean if I have an 1800mm piece of timber

but have measurements for two pieces a 920mm

I would trim the 920 to 900mm as was

done when building kennels.

The reverse scenario also applies.

This avoids much wastage and odd lengths sitting

on my timber racks waiting to be used.

There is no flexibility left after these decisions

have been made.


With the box constructed…

…the owner was asked in

for one final inspection…

…and a sniff of approval…



…prior to the roof being added.


With a certificate of occupancy, being approved

by the tenant, then and only then,

are owners allowed their first sleep in their new home.

Naturally soft furnishings are added as required


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Step-by-Step








*  the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a shop
or warehouse and available for sale or distribution
*   the capital raised by a company or corporation through
the issue and subscription of shares.


While many may not consider a farm to be a business it is.

And a very scientific one at that.


Primary production is a business where livestock is

bred and/or raised on much larger premises,

for sale and/or production of goods for consumers.

In many cases, farms are supplying a world economy

and not simply a domestic market.


Screenshot from the Australian Stock Exchange homepage

at the close of trading Friday, January 7, 2022.

My second definition of stock relates to the world’s Stock Markets.

Stock markets provide a forum where ordinary people are

able to purchase shares in individual companies which

then pay dividends (interim and final) each year. 

In many cases, companies will often pay the tax

on their dividends as well. 

So in effect, it is nearly tax-free income for shareholders. 

I have heard it said:

‘…why put your money in the bank

(and watch its value shrink due to inflation)

why not own the bank instead…’

(or at least a small part of it)


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Stock







a new dawn

A new beginning; a fresh start;
an important, promising turning point.


Being a tad literal, some of my new dawns

captured during the past few years.


Geelong prior to sunrise.


Griffin Gully pier.


October 2021.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...A-New-Dawn






a view

the ability to see something or
to be seen from a particular place.

Banff Springs Hotel

Million Dollar View.


During recent years,  Griffin Gully

has proven to be a wonderful spot

for Blue Hour…


…and sunrise photos…

…all year round.

From high atop the London Eye…

Big Ben quickly became…

…Little Ben.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   A-View






Christmas dinner

the main meal on Christmas day,
eaten any time in the afternoon
or evening


Christmas dinner (lunch if you will) is eaten

at 12 midday sharp…depending on the

latecomers in the family.


I daresay all crockery will be paper again

as no one wants to be slaving over

a sink full of dishes after

Christmas dinner.


Especially with the temperature forecast

to be 27 or 28 degrees Celsius.


After lunch is cleared away we all

move to our living room where the

nominated Santa oversees the

exchanging of gifts.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Christmas-Dinner






Christmas spirit

Christmas spirit is how someone acts who loves Christmas
and shows it by being kind to others.
Also, it is the spirit of wanting to give and help people in need.
People who have Christmas spirit are cheerful and happy
about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
A big way people show Christmas spirit is by carolling.


Our Christmas spirit usually kicks in

during the first weekend of December.

That weekend is set aside to erect

and decorate our tree.

The reverse procedure takes place on

the first weekend in January.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Christmas-Spirit