The three main things a Labrador requires are...

…nourishment, being nourished…


…usually followed by more nourishment.




Word of the Day Challenge: Nourish




While searching for ‘mist’ I was

surprised to find a photo of a cat.

Taken nearly 10 years ago, Misty was a rescue cat

and a nice one at that.

The foggy mist was probably

the thought behind the challenge.

This was taken on June 12 around midday.

I have added a sepia filter and boosted saturation


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Mist



Equal usually refers to to two things being the same,

which a Kelpie and a Labrador are not.

However, it is often

not the size of the dog in the fight,


the size of the fight in the dog

which equalises them…usually.




Word of the Day Challenge: Equal



Just before Christmas last year

we brought a timid Smudge home.

He had been in the shelter since April 2018,

and spent 5-6 weeks hiding from

everyone and everything.

At the moment he is getting braver and ventures

up to 7 metres from the safety of his enclosure.

He has begun to play with the dogs…



and has Candi’s measure.



He does head for the safety of his enclosure

when anything, and I mean anything, startles him.

These photos were taken through our kitchen window

using my 500 mm lens as he would not

sit for a photo if he could see me.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Safe



Back yard, or front yard transgressions,

these days are punished…

…by sending dogs to their kennels

where they serve out their penance.

Taji adopts this ‘woe is me’ pose.

The are told to go the their kennels and

time in the ‘sin bin’ depends on

the severity of the sin/transgression,


Word of the Day Challenge:  Penance