pet pampering

to treat with extreme or excessive care and attention;

pampered their guests

pamper a pet.


I guess my first pet pampering came about during the 1990s

when Brandy’s eye was infected and he required

six weeks of tender loving care to have it heal.


Since moving from the farm each pooch has

its own warm newly built kennel.

 This is Taji’s kennel.

 Candi was visiting and no doubt was responsible

for dragging the blanker outside.


I though Maggie was being pampered when MGW purchased a coat.

Since then both Candi and Taji have been provided with one each.

And finally, even though the dogs have their paddle pool of water,

as soon as the weather warms up, MGW takes a bucket of water

and sprinkles it over them to cool them.

That, is really pampering.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Pet-Pampering





provide with the food or other substances necessary
for growth, health, and good condition

I’m sure Labradors believe…


…that other than sleep…

…they should have plenty of nourishment…

…between dawn and dusk.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Nourish






capturing one’s complete attention as if by magic.

Even as a youngster Taji found

food mesmerising…

 Food in toys…


…and she ignored all around her until

there was no more food in the Kong.







make (someone) feel completely baffled.

She could smell food.

She could hear food.

She found it perplexing the first few times

she encountered her kong.


That only lasted a few feeds though,

after which she was extracting her food

from the Kong nearly as quickly as if

it was in her bowl.