An old photo…

but I did expect more from Taji when

I appeared at the back door this morning.



Our presence at the laundry door usually means

she is being let off her chain.   

Note the darker hollow in the gravel (bottom left)

where she usually bounces and has worn

a sizeable hole in the gravel. 

Several years ago I said I would fix the hole

when Taji stopped bouncing. 

She is still bouncing as she approaches her fifth birthday. 

I think she will win this battle of wills.




Back lighting.


Sundown on harvest.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk234 – Presence





having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas
about something or someone.

The only ambivalence a labrador shows

where food is concerned is…

…when and how quickly can I eat it.

Taji’s preferred answer to that question is

Now and As quickly as possible.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Ambivalent




Where there is a need for speed…

…Kelpies win hands down over many canine breeds,

especially over short distances.

Candi even thinks she is strong…

until she goes up against a labrador.


Down Under,

QUICK was also a chocolate flavoured powder

when added to chilled milk mde a very nice drink. 

That was in 50s and 60s.

Is it still around?





The photo is of two pups, barely 18 months old.

In 2020 the scene is often the same, only heavier!

We both hold our breath and hope the ‘rat bags

have enough sense to slow down, stop

or change direction before their

40 and 20 kilograms, respectively

makes contact with us.