a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food,
coupled with the desire to eat.

Taji is always telling me that she feels weak

due to a lack of food…

…and she always possesses a desire to eat.










the action of one object coming forcibly
into contact with another.

I think that the impact of a plane and the earth

would ensure that there were only scraps

of metal to be found.

We were told that the impact of a tree fall,

a few years earlier, caused what was left

of the Misery Creek Bridge

to finally collapse.





eat, drink, or ingest
(food or drink)

Taji will stop dead in her racks to locate

a previously undiscovered morsel she

has caught the scent off.

And as soon as she worked out how to remove food

from her kong, she was able to consume a feed

from the kong nearly as quickly as from her bowl.

  Considering the kong was supposed to slow her eating

we rated it an epic fail.