When Maggie was young she licked up

whatever she could after MGW emptied

an old  bottle of cooking wine.


She was snoring rather loudly,

but was she dreaming.

Guess we will never know.

MGW was concerned about Maggie’s

well being, that is, until she caught

a whiff of Maggie’s breath.

My favourite song about dreams



Amanda                       Sandi






an act of changing to or adopting one thing
in place of another.

Early Sunday morning……at 0159 hours most time pieces in Eastern Australia

were switched forward an hour to 0300.

We are now operating in Daylight Saving Time

and in six months time the procedure will be reversed.

Queensland, The Northern Territory, Western Australia,

Christmas Island or the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

do not observe Daylight Saving and will operate on

Standard time all year round








increase the volume of (sound),
especially using an amplifier.

After spending the first eight weeks of her life

roaming freely around her breeder’s house…

…it took young Taji a while to become

used to the new house rules.

She had a high pitched bark at this age

which was extremely difficult to tolerate after

having two quiet old dogs for many years.

To make matters worse she soon learned that barking

often drew the attention of her humans

and she would have some attention.

And if the first round of barking for attention

did not work she simply amplified

the second round.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Amplify







a noisy quarrel about something trivial.


Noisy quarrels…

…about the trivialities of life…


…have been going on since they were pups.

Only once has it been serious

to the extent of drawing blood.

And I was in hospital and missed

all the excitement  🙂








establish or settle (someone) in
a comfortable, safe place.

This winter just ended we have noticed…

…that both our dogs an be found ensconced…

…in their kennels whether tied up ot not.

Sharing and caring 🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Esconced






sparing or economical as regards money or food.

Instead of being overly frugal this year

I used some of my holiday savings……to lash out…

…and purchase some plants…

…and some tools for my man cave.

Not all my savings, just some.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Frugal






the weather conditions prevailing in an area
in general or over a long period.

Before we moved to the Geelong area

I was told by two sources that the area was

drier than our Wester District home.

And the climate is considerably drier.

However, we nearly always receive

a heavy summer downpour…


…which can flood our backyard for a few hours.

I guess not really a flood, rather very wet.

Fortunately this is not our house.

In late July/early August his year we had

a few weeks of bitterly (for us) cold weather.

Although we did not receive aay snow fell to

five or  six hundred metres above sea level.

Thee best we received was a heavy

shower of hail in early August.

I don’t think we have received hail so heavy

in all our 15 years here.


Fandango’s One Word Challengr:   Climate






a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise.

There appears to be much

discussion‘ going on here.

Had this incident occurred after dark

it would most certainly be considered a din.

In fact any noise which disturbs my erratic sleep

is considered a din. 😊😊


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Din