light or heat as emitted
or reflected by something.


Winter sunshine radiating

and reflecting of the sea.

Summer heat blocked momentarily

by a small cloud bank.









a doorway, gate, or other entrance,
especially a large and imposing one


Upon entering the

Hamilton Botanic Gardens

in New Zealand’s North island…

…visitors have a two or three minute walk

before reaching central circular feature equipped…

…with archway portals into the

various other sections of the gardens.

Adjoining gardens are also equipped

with features…

…doors and archways…

…all of which have a short description

(foreground path left)

before entering the portal,

of what to expect in the new section.

Some portals are well gardarded.

Even on the return journey the guards

are rather imposing.

This was a fun portal.

The gates opened automatically. 

Children would love it.









We often hear of time machines which

are designed to transport us back

or forward in time. 

These machines only exist in our minds,

novels and movies such as the

Back to the Future series.

Yet all round are…

…time measuring machines

Big ones on Bell Towers…

…much smaller versions to hag on a kitchen wall…

…and finally, Melbourne’s famous landmark

The Flinders Street Station clocks.

Let’s meet under the clocks

was an oft used phrase of

Melbournians and visitors alike.

A few decades ago the analogue clock faces

were going to be replaced by their digital cousins.

This caused much discontent in Melbourne

that a compromise was reached.

These analog faces are now digitally powered.









Until 2005 I lived among 

South Western Victoria’s

volcanic lava flows.

…where stone fences were not at all unusual.

Nor were buildings of stone held

together with a mud mortar.

Not being a fan of sandy beaches…

…I found it difficult to see what the attraction was

to this stony beach at


on the

French Riviera.









a long, narrow mark or band.


When I think of a line it is

usually a straight line…

…as at the Heath Cemetery on France’s WW I,

Western Front Battlefields.

However this depiction of the Hindenburg Line

is anything but straight.

As is this Le Hamel trench.

Some lines have long sweeping bends in them.

Even the Australian Memorial

at Le Hamel has a bend in it.









a twisting movement or course.

The walk to Waitomo’s

Ruakuri Cave entrance…

…is gentle.

However, once through the entrance we were

greeted by this long winding ramp

which took us down into the cave proper.



Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk239 – Winding





An old photo…

but I did expect more from Taji when

I appeared at the back door this morning.



Our presence at the laundry door usually means

she is being let off her chain.   

Note the darker hollow in the gravel (bottom left)

where she usually bounces and has worn

a sizeable hole in the gravel. 

Several years ago I said I would fix the hole

when Taji stopped bouncing. 

She is still bouncing as she approaches her fifth birthday. 

I think she will win this battle of wills.


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk234 – Presence