Blemishes are the bane,

I suspect, of photographers all over. 

At least they are my greatest cause of distress.

A photo I took last Friday morning.

I thought, ‘Not bad!’

Then I noticed the blemishes.

The irritating stuff if it was on your wall.

First, there appears to be least two ‘uglys’ floating

in the foreground as well as four or five other

less noticeable spots just above my watermark.

Second, as usual there were plenty of sea birds

stretching their wings and having breakfast.

I looked on in awe of their antics

until one swooped in as a blur.

See the dot below the left most boat.

Finally, the horizon is not straight.


With noticeable blemishes removed

it is only the horizon which is of concern.

It has been straightened and measured as level.

However, I think the land on the right adds

to the illusion that the horizon is lower

on the left than on the right side if the image.

With these corrections made

I think I will add this to my collection

to display in my Art Trail exhibit in late March.


Pic and Word Challenge: Blemish




When I saw Depth was this week’s topic…

I immediately thought of ‘Depth of  Field’.

Depth of  Field  is usually more noticeable

when using a wide aperture.

However, in these two photos it is also noticeable

as the foreground and background are widely spaced.

In the first photo the sky and background trees

were my focal point.

The second photo the flax flower head was my focal point.

The lens was set at f/11 in both photos which usually would

provide a good depth of field…all subjects in focus.

However, on this occasion, the depth of field appears

to be  restricted due to the proximity of

the flax flower to the camera…about two metres


Pic and Word Challenge: Depth



Owls are said to be wise.This association came about because

generally wise people are silent.

Owls are also generally silent creatures

which can fly in darkness and

only hit a tree when it wants to

perch on a branch.

These traits are why owls

are considered wise.


Pic and Word Challenge: Wisdom



Many of my sunset photos are merely silhouettes.

Whether they are….

Black and White…

or colour…


I think they look good.

Even Geelong’s waterfront…

looks good to me.



However, I do prefer…


rural landscapes…

over cityscapes.


Often there are more interesting or

unusual subjects to photograph.


And the expanse of nature is inspiring.


Finally, three…

versions of  the same…




Pic and Word Challenge: Silhouette



A halo around the moon has always

said to be a sign of rain.

Our temperature dropped from 40 plus, one day,

to around 20 degrees the next.

And there it has remained.

Since Friday we have received an inch of rain since.

Just the sort of weather we need in summer.

No fires.

Not good for tourists and holiday makers though.

However, we do still have February to come.

And the weather forecast is for more heat next week.

An elephants crossing Botswana’s Chobe River.


Pic and Word Challenge: Weather