I have been on the receiving end of a dog

suddenly woken from its slumber.Now only done to dogs I know very well.


I would be more than circumspect in wakening

‘The King’ from his slumbers.

But there is no way on earth I would wake the man

who  drove all day minus a map, or GPS,

and had to drive us on further tomorrow,

from his slumber.


Pic and Word Challenge: Slumber




In Victoria’s Western District about an hour and a half drive from my home town is the southern end of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. 

This southern tip is known as The Grampians. 

Nestled in The Grampians is the small

township of Hall’s Gap.

Whether one look’s east, west, north or south,

views of Western Victoria’s

undulating Western Plains…

like this one,

are occluded by The Grampians.

Pic and Word Challenge: Occluded




I am hopelessly colour blind when

it comes to co-ordinating colours.

I know Azure is a blueish colour…but how blue?

Is this Azure?


Or is this and Azure blue?


 To be honest this is the only one in which

I am confident that the sky is Azure.

However, usually this degree of confidence,

with colours, brings

an incorrect interpretation of the colour!

It is the endeavour that counts.


Pic and Word Challenge: Azure



Our first evening in Europe and we were in Brugge… and had to walk back through beautiful

Het Zand Square

to our hotel.


If some one asked what was my

most memorable place in Europe…


Het Zand Square at twilight

would be right up at the top.


Pic and Word Challenge: Twilight



I  will never forget the morning I took these shots.

It was my first morning in London with MGW,

and while I turned to take these photos she disappeared.

 The crowd behind me was as dense

as the crowd in front of me. 

I had about twenty yards of clear vision. 

I did not know whether MGW had crossed

Westminster Bridge or followed

the white bus along the Thames River.

After the longest ten minutes in my life

MGW appeared on the bridge

wanting to know what I was doing! 

And why I was standing there at/near Big Ben.

Of course she had told me she was

crossing the bridge!!!!!!

I’m sure I did not have this problem back in 1976!!


Pic and Word Challenge: Time



In late 2015 Number 2 Son asked MGW and me

to complete a task for him. He wanted this…

transferred into this for a special moment in his life. 

It was to be the place he proposed to

his girlfriend…now wife. 

And so, with the help of two of his friends…

we transferred an old World War I gun emplacement

overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay…


into a place WE will remember forever.

Even if they forget.  🙂

In case there are any doubting Thomas’ reading this post,

this was the outside view.

There is more I could add but will desist right now.

Have a great week.


Pic and Word Challenge: Moments