Week 99


When I saw this challenge I immediately

thought of ‘Levels’ in Photoshop.
Levels I have not mastered in any way, shape or form.

However, this is the photo as taken…a bit dark.


I have altered the Red…

Green and…

Blue Output levels by a factor of 100.

As I said I have no idea of actually how

to improve a photo using the level settings.


Pic and Word Challenge: 99 Levels



Week 98


I called this series of shots

Two Minutes of Magic

While only one shot is reproduced here,

after being nearly blown off the pier

this two minutes made it all worthwhile.

Perhaps a bit longer than fleeting, however,

I have heard it said to produce oil naturally

takes perhaps millions of years

which is described as a blink of an eye

geographically speaking.

Therefore my two minutes of magic is definitely



Pic and Word Challenge: 98 Fleeting



Week 95


When, in 1932, the Vatican commissioned Giuseppe Momo

to build a staircase, the hierarchy of the time

would have not thought that his staircase…

would become one of the most photographed pieces

in the museum which today contains

nine miles of art works.


Once upon a time the staircase was used by every visitor

as they entered the Vatican Museum.

Nowadays the Spiral Staircase is missed

by many visitors to the museum.

We were fortunate to walk up the staircase

taking in magnificent views of Rome.

Definitely a creative work of its time.

And nearly one hundred years later

it still took your breath away.


Pic and Word Challenge: 95 Creativity