exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed,
either physically or emotionally.


All along Victoria’s, Shipwreck Coast, nature has

been hard at work eroding away coastal limestone

to create the 12 Apostles, Lochard Gorge and

London Bridge (now called London Arch)


Now, that same force of nature is working

to topple all of its hard work.

Around 25-30 years ago London Bridge

(now called London Arch) toppled

and detached from mainland Australia.

More recently another of the Apostles

fell victim to the ravages of Mother Nature…


…which is probably why we can no longer

walk out to the end of this Apostle.











a sheet, quantity, or thickness of material,
typically one of several,
covering a surface or body.



…stacks of…


…form the Twelve Apostles

and other attractions along

Victoria’s Ship Wreck Coast










a short pole with a broad blade
at one or both ends,
used without a rowlock to move
a small boat or canoe
through the water.


A paddleboard on Lake Lucerne

Paddling Lake Lucerne.

One bloke, four girls and guess who

is doing the work?   

Maybe he’s just the ballast!


Paddling at the beach


An old stern-wheel paddle


Paddling at

Gibson Steps Beach 

Large webbed feet and ducks paddle.










build or make
(something, typically a building,
road, or machine).


When we purchased our first home it had

as with all homes of the 1920s, I suspect,

no built in robes.


Therefore, my first task was to construct wardrobes,

similar to these, in each bedroom

complete with mirrored doors.


A few years ago it was decreed that

new dog kennels were required. 

Maggie thought her new digs was okay

although she passed away a few months

after this photo was taken.





Last summer, I finished constructing a new

outdoor seat, come storage box

for the back verandah. 

The skin, or outer covering, is

made from recycled fence palings.


The biggest success with this project is that

at the moment it still appears

to be spider proof.










a rigid structure that surrounds something such as
a picture, door, or windowpane.


Some years ago I decided my guitar would make

an ideal subject to spend some time with

to play around with depth of field,

shutter speeds and f-stops.


MGW liked this one so much,

possibly the colours suited our interior,

that it was decreed that it

must be framed and hung. 

Who was I to argue? 🙂




Last week I posted this image as a creation of mine.

The skin, or outer covering, is made from

recycled fence palings


Inside and out of sight, is the rough side of the palings

which are fastened to the frame of the box.


So when the lid is down the frame and undressed

side of palings is hidden.










the action or process of bringing something
into existence


It was decreed that my mids-60s high school creation

was destined to be replaced with

something more appropriate.

To begin with it had to be just high and wide enough to sit on

and store anything wanted on a regular basis. 

My first attempt was not good enough. 

I built the frame as I measured but forgot to allow for the sides,

which would not have been a huge problem except that my lids

were of a fixed length and width…120 by 60 centimetres.

It’s amazing how much one or two centimetres

can throw out one’s creation.


By the time I began take 2, I had discovered some partially dressed

and recycled fence palings on Facebook

While looking a bit rougher than expected on the inside…


…after three or four coats of varnish,

to help protect it from the elements,

I thought it looked quite respectable

on the outside.











a flattened structure of a higher plant,
typically green and blade-like,
that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk.
Leaves are the main organs of
photosynthesis and transpiration.



Winter is coming. 


Japanese Maple



Ginko Leaves around Corio Bay.


Floating in Reflection.









poetry (in motion)

is something that is graceful

and beautiful to observe.


When not acting in total chaos as in last week’s post…

Seagulls can provide some extraordinarily…

…graceful and beautiful photo opportunities.