Black and White Tuesday17-0214_Torquay_Beach


Black and White Tuesday

 February 14, 2017


Although not much surf around last Friday…


there were more surfers than usual.

At least when I have visited.


Most surfers were getting a…


decent ride when they caught a wave, small as they were.


Even found some decent subject matter closer

to me and not moving  as much…


which does, I think look better in colour.

Oh! Well!



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0207_Geelong


Black and White Tuesday

 February 07, 2017


Local shots this week.


Cunningham Pier around 1800 on Saturday evening.

The sun was getting lower and reflecting nicely

off the Pier and boats.



Corio Bay same time as above.


 Last Thursday (Feb 2) on Corio Bay.

The Lone Fisherman.



Hope you enjoyed.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-04_0123


Odd Ball

Week 04, 2017


While searching my photos for another post,

I came across this bollard cyclist…bollard_0005

setting the exercise example for all.

Bollards, similar to this are scattered all around Corio Bay.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-4







Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Big-and-Small


My contribution for this week’s

Big and Small


I marveled at this sight a few years ago…


as I had never seen tugs at work before…or since.

 sunrise_corio_bay_6965The size difference is noticeable here, however…


only for the puff of smoke from its smoke stack,

our little tug would be lost, in this shot.


 A better size comparison here.








Saint James’ Park, London features this week.

leaves_saint-james-park-london_0117A variety of coloured leaves provides

a nice visual display in this part of the park.

leaves_saint-james-park-london_0107And I just had to take a photo of this.

The plant in the centre I know as

Castor Oil Bush‘ which Google tells me it is not.

However, we had two great clumps of it,

not in the garden but not far away.

They were about 5 – 10 metres in diameter and I spent

a large portion of my teen years trying to eliminate them.

Imagine my surprise to find it being cultivated

about 400 metres from Buckingham Palace.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Leaves