Daily Prompt-Glimmer


Glimmering water of…

Geelong’s Corio Bay.




One Word Photo Challenge-Octopus


Although I don’t have a photo of an octopus…

I did capture some photos…

of a relative sometime back.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Octopus


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Alone


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


Not sure if my images fit ‘alone’ or ‘a lone’…

Early morning at Corio Bay

This lone fisher man was certainly alone.

 Sighting a tree, either dead…

or alive was something rare as we travelled the

north-eastern reaches of the Kalahari Desert.

A few days later, in the Okavango Delta

we sighted this lone leopard which was

kind enough to pose for some photos.

A couple more from home.

Monday this week I decided to go for a drive

to see what I could see…and take a few photos.

I found single eucalypts scattered throughout

paddocks as is usual around here.

And a few weeks ago I discovered

this stick insect, I think,

clinging to the rear bumper of my car.


One Word Photo Challenge-Negative






First thing I thought of was Negatives

from which we created our prints in the past…A sunrise on Corio Bay…

and its negative…or as close as I can come

to creating a negative.


Another day, another sunrise.

 This time the process.

First the colour image.

Converted to a Black and White.

Finally a colour inversion and we have

what appears to be a negative.

And a special adition for

kayrpea61 anevolvingscientist.org

who asked for a colour negative.

The real deal will be published tomorrow

in Cee’s Fun Foto (Alone) Challenge.

I hope this is what you were after,

because I know of no other way

of creating a colour neg.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Negative




Tuesday Photo Challenge



One of my favourite places around Geelong…

is Griffin Gully.

From here I can watch nature

create her wondrous works of art

each and every morning if I so desire.

 If not at the Bay, or by the coast,

then admiring landscapes such as this

would be a place to be.


Black and White Tuesday18-0313


Black and White Tuesday


This week we are a short drive from Geelong.

 The view from the Steiglitz Courthouse.

This seat supported me however

I did test it before sitting on it.

Not the greatest photo but I have never seen

this railway bridge before.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday18-0305


Black and White Tuesday


Back in Australia for this week’s offering.

Corio Bay’s Yacht Club Marina.


From one of my favourite drive down through…

the Otway Ranges, near Beech Forest, to be precise.


And to finish with some more from Geelong’s…

Corio Bay.



Hope you enjoyed.