Tropical pink.





To my eyes, this fuchsia has some dark pink in it

Dahlias with a touch of pink.




Wildflowers or one of our newer wildflower like bushes











burnt or blood orange




To my eyes, there is some orange in these flowers.


I thought this image

may have had more red/orange in it. 

Rest assured,

Ayres Rock (now Uluru)

is part of the Red Centre.


Not certain of the flower, just that it is orange.




Clothes pegs


The has to be some burnt orange here.

However, I will settle for plain old orange with this image.






sport or hobbies



Australian Rules Football was my choice

of winter sport during my teens…

…and cricket or tennis during the warmer weather.

These images bring back memories of…

…my High School woodworking classes.

For me, cycling was only ever a hobby.

These cyclists may have started

their careers as hobbyists…


…however these days it’s a serious sport for them.





signs of spring

regrowth, renewal



Wattle trees bloom in late July, early August.

Our new pink daffodils were first to bloom,

this year…

…followed by the King Alfreds in mid-August.

I have only sighted one paddock of canola this year…

It may still be a little early for wildflowers.

During the past week or two,

I have nearly decapitated our

resident lizard with the mower.

It was a surprise to sight it again.

as it has been absent or hibernating

all winter.





going back

(of a clock) be set to an earlier standard time,
especially at the end of summertime



In a few weeks, October 3 to be precise,

we are going to be thrown out of gear

for a few days as we go back to

Daylight Savings Time

which will last until then the

1st Sunday of April.

In 1976 I set off on my overseas trip

as was the norm in those days.

I spent a month touring around Great Britain,

before heading over to Canada,

my real destination.

In 2016 we returned to Great Britain,

for a few days, prior to crossing

the English Channel, from Dover,

for our European holiday.


It was not until we were home a few weeks

that I began thinking of going back

to France to visit the Western Front battlefields

where my Grandfather served during World War I.


In late May 2017, I again landed at Heathrow

where I boarded a London bound train to

St Pancras International Station.

At St Pancras, I boarded the Eurostar

for my trip across to France,

disembarking at Lille.

From Lille, it was only a 45-minute

train ride south to Arras.





Geelong Sunrises and Sunsets

Corio Bay sunrise at Griffin Gully

March 8, 2019


Sunrise from our front door.

March 29, 2017


Sunrise at Griffin Gully

July 19, 2016

Griffin Gully Pier, after sun up

June 23, 2016


Sunset about 30 minutes from Geelong.

January 22, 2017


Harvest Sunset, 30 minutes from Geelong.

January 11, 2016






For this week’s Celestial post I have focussed

on our satellite…the Moon

Moonset out our back door and through

the neighbour’s trees.


Blood moon or not clouds were

obscuring the shot that night.

One of my favourite moon images

Moonset behind the neighbours trees

as it came out of my camera.

My all time favourite moon image.

Handheld 500mm Sigma lens

on Nikon D90 or D7100