Columbia Ice Field

British Columbia



 I choose Canada’s Columbia Ice Fields as

my subject for this week’s challenge…


…as  many of my images also depict greys

among the white snow.


While freshly, fallen, silent shrouds of snow

were/are a novelty for this blogger…

…the greyness of many images was also noteable.






It took a while before I realised what

was special about 2022, for us.


Early in 2022, we gathered to celebrate

the first birthday of our, then,

only granddaughter and grandchild.


By Mother’s Day, she was big enough

to drink her own bubaccino.


By mid-year, she was no longer

our only grandchild… 

…and she welcomed her sister into the fold.

The girls have yet to grasp the concept of cousin,

however, we were thrilled when

our grandson arrived

a couple of months later.








a deep blue to a strong greenish-blue colour


Blue Pansies.

Blue Hour at

Geelong Marina



…Blue hour

Corio Bay


Blue or mauve daisies?


While these are our first rotation of Blue Gums,

this week it is not the trees, but rather

the focus is on the sky.









(of a colour) intensely deep or bright.

I have turned to nature, again,

for my vivid images this week.

A fiery sunrise earlier this year


Vivid sky and reflections


Pre-sunrise from our front door.

Vivid sky colours and reflection.









of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue,
as of dark wood or rich soil.

A Brown Falcon near Geelong.

Many of the tracks around

Sausage Tree Safari Camp reserve

were lined with dry brown grass of

Greater Kruger National Park.


These last photos are of two planter boxes

I made it earlier in the year.

The above box is still in my shed waiting

for an Acacia shrub to stop living.


This one was put to use fairly quickly. 

Both have slightly different shades

of brown in their wood. 

The colour is accentuated by several coats

of oil and lacquer








paths trails

a path through a countryside, mountain, or forest area,

often made or used for a particular purpose.


These track in Sauage Tree Safari Camp grounds…

…were reminiscent of many tracks I had travelled

on my way to work in New South Wales. 

Once off the road I was faced with criss crossing trails

and only felt better about it when my

travelling companion said

…don’t worry they all lead to the (Wool) Shed.


After several hours seemingly following

old wheel ruts through Botwswana’s

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans…


…we eventually arrived at our destination,

Lekhubu Island









difficult or impossible to understand,
explain, or identify.

When I showed this image to work colleagues in 2013,

one could not identify the subject and

most were scratching their heads

beforee taking a tentative guess





Stained Glass



Amber Jug and Glasses.









a hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent,
made by fusing sand with soda and lime and cooling rapidly.
It is used to make windows, drinking containers,
and other articles

Drinking glasses.


Stained Glass


Amber Jug and Glasses.