A Pink…













As long as I cannot see them

bugs don’t bug me.

I discovered on of these climbing our front door

not long after we moved.

It was huge as far as I was concerned

and then it simply multiplied and I

had 20 or 30 smaller versions running around.

I  had never seen anything like it previously.

Breakfast in the garden.  Yuk!

This series I don’t mind as the garden

and all plant life benefits.



However, on the farm, because the house

was built circa 1920s or earlier.

At this time of year bees would find

any little crevice and invade our walls.

They even came down our chimney/flue

and we often had a small spring fire lit

when the temperature was

first hitting 30 degrees Celsius.


Here, in the garden is where they belong.







Difficult to find fresh autumn images

this time of year.

Therefore mainly signs of Spring

in my images this week.

So, one image of a Ginko tree in autumn colours.

The following from a garden walk

earlier in September.

Our Giant Snowdrops are now

virtually gone.

However, the Diosma bushes are

still a picture of colour.


Most of the daffodils are also past,

well past their best.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:   Signs-of-Autumn





My hobby at this stage of life is…


In my teens cycling around our countryside

during school holidays was enjoyable.

Definitely not a competitive cyclist

and these days my knees protest too much

at the thought of walking let alone cycling.

So, I will stick to photography where a poor photo

may be turned into an interesting (IMHO) abstract image,

with colours able to be changed to match one’s decor.

Or if the challenge requires a single sharp part of a photo…


…this may also be achieved, thank you Photoshop.


Using one’s camera can also produce

a similar result if desired.








Along Victoria’s South West Coastline

stand the Twelve Apostles.

Made from soft limestone these cliff faces…

clearly show each layer of the stone…



…as it was formed.







A view of features of some of

the National Parks visited

during the past few years.

Denali National Park, Alaska.

After spending eight hours in a cramped bus

we finally managed some clear captures

on our way to Fairbanks the next day

of a clear, though distant, Mt Denali.

Our first sighting of a lion pride in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa

Our first and only leopard sighting in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa

Our first evening and sunset in

Chobe National Park, Botswana.

This sun was setting on Namibia,

just across the Chobe River.

We never can see another country

while standing in Australia.

Even the northern tip of Cape York is 150km

from New Guinea’s southern coast and there is

no place on Cape York high enough

to see New Guinea.

Much closer to home is the

Port Campbell National Park.

The home of the Twelve Apostles

and many other places well worth visiting.