December chill is in the air

‘Down Under’.

Taken around 1030, and Monday December 03,

has presented us with short sharp showers all morning.

Even the dogs have retreated to the warmth of their kennels.

And the television weather presenters have been

excitedly forecasting snow on the high country in what

is supposed to be our first few days of summer.

I know 13 degrees Celsius (55 F) is balmy in some places.

But, here, in December it is on the chilly end of warm.







I’m not sure if I could find

a favourite photo, so…

…this would have to be one of my favourite images,

after all it is not every day that one has

the opportunity to photograph

(wild) six week old lion clubs.

Also from our 2013 African Safari this zebra image

was a favourite even before it became

my first image sold.



Playing with camera settings I created this image image.

MGW loved it and it now adorns one of our walls.

Earlier this year I began to load some images

to challenges.

This image has earned the greatest

number of votes for me

and has been rated in the

Top 100 images three times,

as well as finishing in the

Top 20 and Top 30 on 16 other occasions.

And I am still not sure why :-).

As I have often said I have no taste

when it comes to art.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:   Favourite-Photo





As Monday November 11 was

Remembrance Day I thought I would devote this post

to remembered pets.

Misty…a rescue cat who enjoyed a few years with us

before disappearing one day.



No matter how hard Maggie tried to look innocent,

we found her guilty of digging in the garden.

I must confess we never found where she had

been digging, although we did not try too hard.




The last of our farm pets to pass away

We thought Ginger had quite a few years left in her.

Her passing was as sudden as Brandy’s…her father.

Both Maggie and Sox outlived her.

Finally, my Bi-Centennial (1988) pup, Brandy.

Brandy was the most loyal and

hardworking dog I have ever owned.

He would sit on the back of my ute all day

just waiting to go somewhere, anywhere, with me.

Brandy passed suddenly in September 2001.







As soon as I saw the theme …

‘Is anything scarier than a two-headed Hummingbird?’…

my mind immediately went to this image

of our resident New Holland Honey Eater

My mind immediately went to this image

of our resident new Holland Honey Eater.

This was one Honey Eater I did not want to cross.