My photos for this week’s challenge come from…

under glass, or perspex, of the London Eye.

The view through the roof of our gondola.

Tourists under glass in a following gondola.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Under-Glass



Floral Friday17-2309


Floral Friday Challenge.


Facebook has been inundating me with memories

of our travels last year.

So I decided to post some previously

unpublished shots of

St James Park

in London.

Crocus, I believe.

 ~~~~The intrigue here was the plant

with the longish, narrow leaves,

below the blue/purple flower and

above the daisy type flowers.

I spent many hours digging great clumps of this

out of the ground in my youth as it

was a big ugly bushy weed.

And here it is in St James Park only

a few hundred metres from Buckingham Palace.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




One Word Photo Challenge-Jewellery







Some ‘jewels’ on a foggy morning.

Back in the day, the term ‘crown jewels’

had a slightly different meaning.

 Let’s just say the wearer of this suit of armour

was having his ‘crown jewels’ well protected.

Perhaps even…boasting..a lot.


 Finishing on a serious note.

This jewellery was ready for sale

at the Arras Sunday market.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Jewellery



Windows of Europe feature this week.

Blue windows in York.

Tower of London windows.

More blue windows in

Germany’s Rhineland district.

Brown in Brugge.

Attractive Windows in Arras.

  A window in St Jean Baptiste Cathedral,

also in Arras.



Thursday’s Special: Windows

Weekly Photo Challenge-Shiny



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Whether in…York…

at Harry Potter’s Platform…

Buckingham Palace…

or in Brugge…


we always found some gold handiwork

shining at us.