T is for Tower…

Eiffel Tower.

The Tower of London does not look like

a typical tower, however…







The last city we visited while

in the U.K. in 2016 was York.

 These three images are of part of the wall…

surrounded old York, if I may put it that way.


A gateway in the York wall. 

Either side of the main gateway

is the eye of the needle

referred to in the Bible. 

‘…it is easier for a camel to pass

through the eye of a needle,

than for a rich man to

enter the kingdom of God…’ 

At least I believe this is so.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Wall



I have stated previously that…

our Christmas Tree brings back… 

more treasured memories each year…


as we collect more decorations… 


from places visited. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Treasure




Some challenges are hard…this one not so.

Although could have gone for other ‘royals’ I suppose.

However, Buckingham Palace and its…

Royal Mews is good for today.

Loved the horses.

Also had to end on an Aussie note with

our coat of arms on one of the carriages

we presented to the royal family.


Word of the Day Challenge: Royal

Tuesday-PC-Wk136_ Contact



When a car makes contact…

concrete curbing….there are no prizes

for guessing which comes off second best.



A blast from the past…

To think  this was the modern way to make

a phone call not that many years ago.

Sighted in Coldfoot, Alaska.



Then again finding one of these is like finding hen’s teeth.

A whole generation would not know  how to use them

or that it was superman’s changing room. 🙂

There was always a Saturday night lineup of shearers and

 other workers waiting to contact their families

after a hard week in the shed.