an outline of land and buildings defined against the sky.


Melbourne skyline across Port Phillipp Bay

approximately 40 kilometres in the distance.

Melbourne skyline


From a hot air balloon.

Approaching Melbourne on

the Port Phillip Ferry.

Melbourne from Williamstown Marina…

…I think I almost prefer

the Black and White version.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Skyline




Begin with two images captured in the…


…Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre.


Geelong seagull

Christmas decorations cast shadows on

Melbourne’s Bourke Street.


Kalaharri Scrub Robin

Lekhubu Island



A gum tree casts its shadow

on this church roof…


…walls and door.


Rural reflection.





I think the Burj Al Arab is

a fantastic design both

in and outside.

In comparison, the Burj Khalifa is just plain huge.

The geometrical pattern on the exterior of Melbourne’s

National Gallery of Australian Art…

…exacerbating Melbournian’s love/hate relationship

with the building.


Prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games

being held in Melbourne,

Spencer St Railway Station was renovated

and modernised.

Its most notable feature is the waves and arches

which now support a similarly shaped roof.

It was also renamed Southern Cross Station.


Around the corner, Flinders Street Station remains

as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century.

To change the exterior facade of

Flinders St would cause a public outcry…

…similar to the outcry when the Flinders Street

clock faces were digitised.

Public backlash forced local authorities

to change the clocks back to analogue faces

with digital workings.

Now Melbournians and visitors alike

are still able to meet under the

Flinders Street clocks as they

have done for many, many decades.


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Jumping for joy in Stanley Park,



…at Port of Vancouver.

Relaxed on London Bridge

Assignment at

Saint Kilda Pier



Need some help?



Art appreciation in



A gesture of friendship?  I think not!

Especially as her parents were

asking her to stop so

I could get my shot.




Black and White Challenge.


Carlton and United Brewery’s team

of draught horses often sighted

around Melbourne.

Tractor drivers need slightly different senses

and skills than those required for

driving a sedan.

A train driver’s life would have been interesting.


Not so sure about this train.

Steam roller

A Melbourne tram driver…no thanks.










Straight lines holding up the Colosseum’s arches.


Melbourne’s Gallery of Australian Art



Plenty of straight lines in these

curved walls and ceiling

All fence lines should be straight.



 Straight lines everywhere

Trees nearly as straight as the lamp posts


Yacht masts


Car park lines.






the place where one lives permanently,
especially as a member of a family
or household.

No matter where I have been travelling, many

international flights usually touch down

in Sydney first.

Therefore with the sighting of the

Sydney Harbour Bridge comes a feeling of home.

Sighting Melbourne’s skyline and Victorians

know they are home.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Home