Before noticing that I did indeed have some Park Art,

I created a Public Art post included below.


Hosier Lane


Geelong North Railway Station

A few years prior to the pandemic,

The old Geelong Cements Works…

…had been converted to a work of art.


In April 2020, while in lock-down,

this magnificent work of art was razed.

However, we did get a replacement…


…in downtown Geelong.

I’m afraid they are not

my favourite pieces

of art.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Public-Art

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Public-Art

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Lens-Artist-Photo-Challenge Donna:…Public-Art






a person actively engaged in an art, discipline,
or profession, especially medicine.

Music Practitioners…

…in Melbourne…


…on the

Chappel Bridge



…finally, a








These shoes appear to have been left behind.

I have been told it is a sign,

to those in the know,

that illicit substances

may be procured nearby.


First glance it appears that someone has left a purse behind..

Second glance reveals that it is solid concrete

and the artist has done a wonderful job.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Lost-Left-Behind









I happened to spot this harpist

setting up in Brugge.

What appeared to be tourists

were being lead her way.

Five minutes later not a sign of her.

Must be the shortest practice/busking

session ever.


I know I posted this image last week,

however, looking at again I could not help

but wonder if this bloke could practice

his pick up technique a bit more?


Even Lucerne’s famous Chapel Bridge,

which crosses the Reuss River is an ideal place

to hone one’s skills and perhaps glean

a few tourist dollars/euros in the process.

A Bourke Street, Melbourne, busker


What a way to practice one’s

Twister skills and…


…pay a bill or two at the same time.

I love this image.

The very young appreciating

the older generation’s skills.

Something not seen or heard very often

these days….unfortunately.



Amanda                       Sandi




Wandering around Melbourne’s Hosier Lane

one can easily get lost admiring

some of the larger works of art on display.

There is everything from colourful graffiti, to…


…more traditional forms of art.


This piece, a marriage proposal,

is my favourite from

my 2019 visit.

No matter where you stand to view this piece…



…viewers are always followed

by the camera lens…

…the camera has followed me right

up to the opposite end.

Very clever.



So, while these can attract one’s eye

it is easy to miss other

not so noticeable gems.

In photography we often talk

of frames within frames.

However, I call this image art within art.

Did you notice?

I didn’t!


The ladies handbag is solid concrete

and not a left behind piece of

someone’s wardrobe.


The smallish colourful pile

of plasticine like material.

It’s just right of the upper, left window sill.

A closer look.


My final discovery was these stencils

also high on the walls.

I was told that these stencils are painted

when no-one else is around.

Not sure if that is fact or fiction.


FriendlyFriday:  Little-Discoveries

Amanda                       Sandi




Street Art…

…from Melbourne’s…

…Hosier Lane.








Not to be out done…



…Geelong has some good

Street Art as well


FriendlyFriday:  Street-Art

Amanda                       Sandi




A few years ago…

…the Camera Club to which I belong…

…decided on a field trip to explore and photograph…


…Melbourne’s lanes…

…of which there are many.


Block Arcade

was also on our list of places to visit.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Field-Tripping


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Anything-Painted



A painted utility box in Geelong.

Maybe a telephone junction.



Hosier Lane…


…in Melbourne.



Peeling paint.



In April 1975 I enjoyed a camping holiday

through Central Australia.

In Alice Springs we visited

Henk Guth’s (now deceased) art studio

where I purchased this painting

of Ormiston Gorge

for the princely sum of $150.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Graffiti-Murals





I have seen/photographed

a few murals in Australia…

…but none as good as the

Chemainus Murals…

…at Chemainus…

…on Canada’s…


…Vancouver Island.


Closer to home…

…is Melbourne’s…

…Hosier Lane.


I love the Hosier Lane street art…


…some of which is surrounded…



…by graffiti.