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Lavender Bee

Wildflower….an Ixia according to Facebook users.

  Any thoughts regarding ID appreciated.

Allium and guest.








This morning I was wondering…

…how this front fence could

be allowed in the same street as…


…beautiful homes such a this one.



I suspect these three building were constructed

in different eras, yet they are well maintained

and almost compliment each other.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  0312






At Point Lonsdale Pier, again

Morning sun illuminating rust.


…rising sun over

Point Nepean.








From Point Lonsdale Pier.

The Bait Board.

Not sure if that is the correct name,

however, it is where bait is cut up,

hence my terminology.




Rusty bits.



Seaweed specimen 1.



Seaweed Specimen 2







(of organic matter)
decaying or rotting
and emitting a fetid smell.

While on the farm, every now and again a dog would

turn up at the back door with its prize possession of the day.

This was usually in the form of an exhumed bone they

were fed a week or so earlier, or part

of a carcass which they had rolled in making it difficult

to tell which smelled worse…the carcass, or the dog.

Since moving to the suburbs,

carcasses are few and far between.

However, it does happen just often enough

to remind me of the putrid smell of farm dogs.

That story is true and is the main reason

why we have kennels for dogs and

a no house animals policy.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:...Putrid