(of a person or part of the body) without clothes.

I have photographed The Hulk previously,

on Geelong’s old Powerhouse.

However, this image from last February

was a bit of a surprise,

upon closer examination.








the particulars of the place where someone lives
or an organization is situated.

When I was very young aan address referred to

one thing and one ting only.

A physical place where a person could be found.

For example:

John Citizen

1 Brown St


Although we did not acknowledge it

then, with the advent of the internet

non-physical addresses, or virtual, began to be used.

 Examples of non-physical addresses are…

this post may be found by typing


into the address bar one one’s internet browser.

Like Fandango’s Challenge may be found at this address;


or by clicking on the image below, which is now linked to that address

FOWC with Fandango — Prompt

And I am not going to touch on email addresses. 🙂




coming or happening later
than should have been the case

Belated best describes my

Christmas cards most years.

Even this year when I have been slowed down a bit

due to my knee, I have just sent off

my Canadian and English cards today.

Plenty of time yet for any

Australian address cards.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Vibrant-Colours


A re-post which I believe fits this challenge…

…as does this.

Either a Red Breasted or Crimson Breasted Shrike.

Sighted in Botswana.

A Rainbow Lorikeet at

Balyang Sanctuary,


Finally, some seasonal vibrant colours.






the most intense, exciting,
or important point of something; the culmination.

The climax for any sporting team is to be the

top side at the end of the home and away series…

…and again at the end of the finals. 

Winning the AFL

(Australian Rules Football League)

Grand Final,

is the culmination of the season,

for both players and their club.