the weather conditions prevailing in an area
in general or over a long period.

Before we moved to the Geelong area

I was told by two sources that the area was

drier than our Wester District home.

And the climate is considerably drier.

However, we nearly always receive

a heavy summer downpour…


…which can flood our backyard for a few hours.

I guess not really a flood, rather very wet.

Fortunately this is not our house.

In late July/early August his year we had

a few weeks of bitterly (for us) cold weather.

Although we did not receive aay snow fell to

five or  six hundred metres above sea level.

Thee best we received was a heavy

shower of hail in early August.

I don’t think we have received hail so heavy

in all our 15 years here.


Fandango’s One Word Challengr:   Climate





I do hope I have interpreted

Positive and Negative space


Negative space dominates positive space.


An approximated balance of

negative and positive space.


Finally positive space dominating negative space.


Whichever of the preceding images

you may prefer…

…each one looks better

than the original,

in my opinion.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:   Negative-Space

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:   Negative-Space

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:   Negative-Space

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:   Negative-Space


Floral Friday20-1809-Pink-Daffodils



Again, home grown…

Past its best, but this is one of our…

…Pink Daffodils.

At their peak our new pink daffodils

were only a shade or two darker than in

my image and nowhere near the pink

in the eBay advertising image.


Floral Friday


Floral Friday








a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise.

There appears to be much

discussion‘ going on here.

Had this incident occurred after dark

it would most certainly be considered a din.

In fact any noise which disturbs my erratic sleep

is considered a din. 😊😊


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Din






I read ‘precious’.

A re-read found the extra ‘co’.

Time being of the essence and today is short

on time..again.

Can my pets be precious this time?

Please?  🙂

Pets throughout the years.

Brandy..More than pet more like a colleague

01-11-1988 to 15-09-2001


March 2000 – August 2016



See the expression on his face

Moppett was not wanted by her owners and MGW

rescued her from an untimely departure

from this world.

She now lives under our the Mop Top Tree

which is a grafted variety of Robinia


Whatever the dogs thought it was Sox who was boss.

Maggie always slept on the outer when Sox

wanted some blanket and sun.


        Ginger, a pup from the first and only litter

sired by Brandy, also enjoyed

being a retired sheepdog.

She died rather suddenly in the Spring of 2015,

ending a 28 year run with father and daughter

as my favourite dogs.



The summer of 2016 saw our current Labrador

enter our life.

It was not until a few weeks after her papers arrived

that we discovered the new kid on the block

and dear old Maggie were related.

Maggie’s G-G and Taji’s G-G-G

(their Grandfather / Grandmother were litter mates)


Yet they were bred over 200 kilometres

and 15 years apart.


A few weeks later saw the arrival of

my Black and Tan Kelpie, Candi.

Candi was a belated Christmas birthday gift

from Number 2 Son and Number 1 Daughter-in-Law.

Just prior to Christmas to 2018 we rescued

our latest addition to the backyard menagerie.

Smudge (check photo and right side of nose)

is so timid that lawn mowers and similar

will send him into hiding.

That’s okay if he is hiding in his pen,

however he also hides in the garden and will

not appear until hunger gets the better of him

or he deems the coast is clear.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Precious-Pets




Not laneways this week,

but images shot during

our laneway walk

in Geelong.

Samples of Geelong’s

hospitality businesses…


…My weird sense of humour thought it amusing

to have the Tax Shop next door.



A stone’s throw from, and on on perhaps

the highest point in

Central Geelong, stands

Saint Mary of the Angels Basilica


Saint Mary’s Catholic Church.

Click the link for more history

of Saint Mary’s, Geelong.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  0909