In mid-Feruary 2019, our Camera Club…


…organised a sunset cruise on Corio Bay.


Being a non-sailor, I never gave a thought,

that others may also be sailing.













In a few weeks, many paddocks will look like this

as canola crops bloom.


Much of the hay rolls are produce during late spring

and sometimes left out over summer. 

Although I always liked to have mine carted in

as soon as they were baled.


Real beach weather is summertime in Victoria


The reds…


…and golds of Autumn…


…precede what can be a cold wet Winter.


We ventured out with the boys,

partners and one granddaughter,

in the depths of winter, to

experience Winter Wonderland…


…in mid-July this year.


The first signs of Spring come during winter.

Eerlicheer jonquils…



…followed by, in front and back yards

and along roadside verges,

wattle trees…


…in full bloom in August.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Seasonal









the sloping side of a hill

Most of Western Victoria’s ‘Mountains‘,

such as Mt Elephant, are little more

than hills when compared to the

younger mountains of other countries.


Moorabool Valley

A foggy Moorabool Valley


A summer fog over the Moorabool Valley


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Hillside






Black and White Challenge.


Carlton and United Brewery’s team

of draught horses often sighted

around Melbourne.

Tractor drivers need slightly different senses

and skills than those required for

driving a sedan.

A train driver’s life would have been interesting.


Not so sure about this train.

Steam roller

A Melbourne tram driver…no thanks.