burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat.

I’m cannot recall if this smoke is the result of a stubble burn

or a bushfire.  Either way, the result is

the same….scorched earth.

First turn of the plough after a stubble burn.






more than one


Yellow-Billed Hornbills


Lions eyes


Although the traffic is light,

there are still multiple vehicles

on the road.


Signs to multiple places



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Multiple









a photograph that one has taken of oneself,
typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam
and shared via social media.


I’m not big on selfies,

this is as close as I have…


…or maybe this one.



A Photo a Week Challenge:…Selfie









a strong open vehicle with two or four wheels,
typically used for carrying loads
and pulled by a horse.

A Melbourne Brewery has a team of Clydesdale horses

which pulls a beer-laden dray similar to this one

around Melbourne CBD

I captured this image just outside the

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

on my way to a game of

Australian Rules Football.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Carts