Some random potential postcard images.

Eastern Beach


The Twelve Apostles

Lochard Gorge

Corio Bay Sunrise



Ferris Wheel


Million Dollar view



Leaning Tower of Pisa

Eiffel Tower



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a situation when two or more people meet,
by chance or arrangement.







a flat disc or piece of metal with an official stamp,
used as money.

Samples of our pre-decimal currency.

Front and back of both the

one and two shilling pieces.

Equivalent to the current

ten and twenty cent coins.

Our two-dollar note is out of existence

and now there is talk that its replacement,

the two-dollar coin is headed the same way.

Real money has hardly been used

since the pandemic began.


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Deadman’s Track


Sarah Barrie


Sarah Barrie’s Deadman’s Track was my second of her books and I thought it better than Devil’s Lair.   Again set in and around Hobart (Tasmania) Deadman’s Track and is rightly billed as a romantic thriller and combines a boyfriend who is not all that he claims to be, a pawn shop fence, and several murders.


Tess, a local guide, survives a tragic hiking accident, and is having difficulty getting back on the horse, so to speak.  She claims to have felt two hands push her over a cliff.  But who would do such a thing?  She is almost certain it would not have been her boyfriend.

Not long after the accident Tess breaks up with her boyfriend who demonstrates a side hitherto unseen by Tess.  He does not know the meaning of ‘No’.

However, because her ex, who is all but stalking her after they broke up, pulls out of a dangerous winter hike with a group of inexperienced young hikers she reluctantly takes over the job with disastrous results.  Tess is unaware of Detective Senior Sergeant Jared Denham’s feelings towards her as he offers his help.


I enjoyed Deadman’s Track partly for the story line and partly for its setting and accordingly,

I rated

 Deadman’s Track

 as a solid

four star read/audiobook

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Deadman’s Track

an average of 4.06 stars

 from 462 ratings

 and 81 reviews

Deadman’s Track

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon



Summer months are better months…

…for spiders.

Maybe it is because of other delicacies

which are also out and about.

Or perhaps it is a great time to take…

…the family for a walk.


Of course long summery days…

…sees many…

…honey bees…


…hard at work…

…preparing their hives…

…for long cold winter months ahead.

And while classified as a bug, neighbours

have said they have seen tiger snakes

and other reptiles in their hardens.

However, this is the only snake I have

found on our property in nearly 20 years.

I had either run over it with our lawnmower

or predator birds had attacked and killed it.

We do have a blue tongue lizard under

our front verandah from time to time,

especially in the summer months.







made or built long ago


Construction of the Palace of Versailles began in 1661

some 55 years after Willem Janszoon first sighted

Australia and just over 109 years before

Captain Cook landed at Botany Bay.


Older still is the

Schönbrunn Palace

construction of which

commenced in 1642

The oldest of this post is

The Colosseum.

Construction of The Colosseum

began in 70AD and was completed in 80 AD

Which in 2021 makes

The Colosseum

1950 years old

since completion

We were told, these pavers,

are part of the original building. 

Imagine, nearly 2,000 years since completion,

the sheer number of feet to have walked over them

and who, in history may have walked here.

The  Colosseum is definitely my oldest building

in my old, older, oldest post this week.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Old-Oldest