Book Review-A-Chance-of-Stormy-Weather

A Chance of Stormy Weather


Tricia Stringer

A Chance of Stormy Weather was my first Tricia Stringer book and hopefully not my last.  I loved this yarn as it was something to which I could easily relate.  I married a city girl and experienced a mice plague while wool classing in the Riverina Region of New South Wales for ten seasons; waking up one night to a mouse sharing my pillow.

However, not all goes as expected for Paula on the farm.  The house she and Dan have moved into is old.   One or two rooms have been fixed up; however, this does not deter the mice.

Dan’s auntie, Rowena, a partner on the farm is a kind but domineering personality.

Paula has no interest in the weather yet it still dominates the conversation at all local gatherings.  Why?

I loved A Chance of Stormy Weather and could relate to each and every one of Paula’s problems whether it was mice in the house or not knowing her way around.

I have to credit narrator Kate Hosking for her wonderful job of narrating A Chance of Stormy Weather

I rated

A Chance of Stormy Weather

as a




At the time of writing my review

Goodreads readers have rated

A Chance of Stormy Weather

an average of 4.28 stars,

from 428 ratings and 47 reviews.


A Chance of Stormy Weather

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The church still stands on Geelong’s Moorabool Street.

Alas, I think the tree is no longer and the church

is surrounded by used cars.

Christmas decoration shadows in Melbourne


Early morning reflections on the Limpopo River

at Kwa Nokeng Lodge (Botswana).


Lake Wendouree reflection



Western Australia’s Perth Arena

home to the Perth Wildcats a member

of the National Basketball League

Outdoor seating at North Geelong Railway Station

Cunningham Pier by night


Gibson Steps Beach

Great Ocean Road

Kalahari Scrub Robin


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(of the weather) very cold,
with frost forming on surfaces.


Frosty mulch…




…Garden bed…


This is not an uncommon sight, however…

…this degree of cold was and still is uncommon.

In fact, it has only happened once,

to my knowledge.







disappear suddenly and completely.

Many servicemen simply vanished during World War I.

I often wonder if their spirits are wandering battlefields

in search of a resting place.











in a way that is not habitual or common.

This was an unusual occurrence;

in fact it was the only time in Maggie’s life

that she turned up at the back door in this state

of dishevelment.

We never did find the place where she had been digging

and it never happened before or after this time.






a level area surrounded by seating, in which sports,
entertainments, and other public events are held.

The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is

the largest sporting arena in Australia.

The MCG hosted the 1956 Olympic Games,

 and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.



 Each year it hosts international cricket games

during the wamer months

and Australian Rules Football

from April to the end of September;

as well as other cultural and sporting events

during the year.