My photos for this week’s challenge come from

the gatherings, over fifty years, of my in-laws.

Mother-in-law passed away suddenly

(maybe as a result of a hot spell of weather)

in January and a few months ago

father-in-law decided to sell up and

downsize to a retirement village. 

At the commencement of the cleanup

many things were going to be ‘thrown out’. 

I volunteered to photograph and list them

for sale on local Facebook pages. 

So here is a few of the treasures which came to  light…

most of which I had never seen since

meeting MGW’s family in the mid 80s.

Remington Typewriter.

Sunbeam Mixmaster

Silverware I never knew existed.

 Those who are enlightened will reccognise this

as a cigarette lighter.

I saw it only as a front door stopper.

People were jumping out of trees,

so to speak, to buy this.


A Pentax SLR.  Fantastic.

Eldest granddaughter decided she

might take up film photography.

She may have a free camera however,

I don’t think she is aware of costs

involved in development of prints.


Another treasure.  A cow bell.

Sold in minutes because there is

a bell collector in the area.

Pity a collection of china bells was

thrown out prior to selling phase.


No idea who painted this, however,

if I had a wall AND was single…..

It did find a good home though.

One of my favourite pieces was

this hand painted vase.

It was dated 1978 inside the lid.


Finally, my favourite….

a very good condition Box Brownie,

complete with leather case.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hidden-Treasures



Book Review-Manhattan-is-My-Beat

Manhattan is My Beat


Jeffery Deaver

 Manhattan is My Beat is the first of the Rune trilogy.  Rune is a five foot two, twenty year old seems to be able to solve many crimes the police cannot.  This inevitably has her running foul of employers and authorities alike.  Does she mind?   Not the slightest.

 In this novel, the first of the trilogy series, Rune works in a video store where she befriends an elderly customer who happened to have a role in the movie Manhattan is My Beat and which he rents regularly

The Manhattan is My Beat movie is allegedly based on a 1940s, real life bank robbery in which one million dollars was stolen and never recovered.

Rune believes she knows where the money is hidden and sets out to recover it which leads to inevitable problems.

Manhattan is My Beat is the first of the rune trilogy, however, there is no necessity to read Manhattan is My Beat first.  Rune is the lead character in all three novels with a few other characters playing supporting roles.  In other words each book can be read as a standalone novel.  I have enjoyed Jeffery Deaver’s entire Rune trilogy which was written in the late eighties early nineties. 

 Lack of mobile/cell phones and pay phones being the only means of communication with others combined with video tape stores, all date these books.   Overlook lack of modern technology and you have a good well-paced read.

The end caught me off guard this time also.

 Probably a three and a half star read

I think

Manhattan is My Beat

 Image result for Manhattan is My Beat

is a


Goodreads readers have rated

Manhattan is My Beat

 an average of 3.41 stars from

1,886 ratings and 123 reviews


Manhattan is My Beat

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon




Jo’s Monday Walk


Australian Memorial-2

Le Hamel, France

Last week we commenced a walk around…. 

the Australian Corps Memorial

at Le Hamel in France.

Along the walk to the Memorial is information…

relating to the battle and the tactics used by

General Monash to overcome German forces.


I was still not used to seeing people tending

these sites keeping them neat and tidy.

A surprise…but a very pleasant one…knowing that

our war Memorials in Europe are in

pristine condition all the time and not just

for a professional film crew, or photographer,

who happens to  be in the vicinity.


However, we eventually made it…

and noted that it sat silently overlooking

the village of Le Hamel.


This may be a politician speaking however,

it was tributes like this one,

to Australian soldiers,

which I found quite moving.


Had I not known we were in France,

this shot could have been taken

on a spring day in Australia,

or for that matter any rural area

throughout the world.

It is difficult to imagine the bloodshed

on these battlegrounds.


A short walk down this path and we came upon…

some of the trenches used during that battle.


None of them appeared to give as much cover

as I would like if someone had a rifle

or field artillery aimed at them.


Back for a final quick photo…yes, I was there…


 and then back to our vehicle and shade…


and off we drove through a sea of blood-red poppies

which grow wild in the region constantly

reminding all of the blood that was shed

on these fields/paddocks.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Last Monday night (Oct 16,2017)

WoollyMuses blog

clicked over 20,000 views for the year (to date).

I have seen other blog stats which have

attained this milestone in a matter of months

since first being published, however,

this is a first for WoollyMuses.

This morning, Saturday, October 21, 2017

It was also nice to see that WoollyMuses

has received 72,952 WordPress hits

since its inception in April 2013.






With nearly a three hour drive ahead of me

this was…

one of my first views of the distant

Grampians, on Monday.

Taken from this perspective,

Cunningham Pier Restaurant

looks very distant behind the right most ball.


While Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier is longer

than Geelong’s Cunningham Pier,

the kiosk on the end of St Kilda Pier

also looks a long way off.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: In-the-Distance