Wordless Wednesday17_2202_Geelong-Foreshore

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Some of Tuesday’s Black and Whites in Colour.

DC Photography

Cunningham Pier.


The Geelong…


Ferris Wheel.


Not sure whether to call this the Yacht Club, the Marina,

or play it safe and refer to the

You Yang (Ranges) in the background


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Looking-Down-on-Things


My contribution for this week’s

Looking Down on Things


Rhine Falls is again the scene of this week’s post.


We had a good view of these fish, however…

I cannot remember what they are.


This spot provides a good view of the falls and…


a good overview of its surrounds.

Fun Photo Challenge: Looking Down on Things








Book Review-A-Whisper-of-Peace


A Whisper of Peace

(Heart of the Prairie #7)


Kim Vogel Sawyer


Set in Alaska, A Whisper of Peace, tells of the trials and tribulations faced by an American missionary and his step-sister when they try to start a Mission within an Athabascan tribal village.

Clay and Vivian must contend with Athabascan rituals and rules in a continuous battle to win over the tribe to Christianity.

One of  the rules inhibits a budding romance, although it is the connection between these two parties which brings about a peaceful resolution to one of the strictest rules.  

There was a question I  kept asking myself during this book as I felt it was pivotal to the plot and was being ignored.  Thankfully Clay’s father responded to a plea for guidance in a manner which had me nodding my head in agreement. 

A Whisper of Peace is another easy, enjoyable, read by Kim Vogel Sawyer novel.  I will go back for more.

A definite


Goodreads readers have rated

A Whisper of Peace

an average of 3.77 stars from 462 ratings and 63 reviews


Image result for A Whisper of Peace

A Whisper of Peace

can be purchased on-line at 

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon

Black and White Tuesday17-0222_Ferris-Wheel


Black and White Tuesday

 February 21, 2017


After our coldest February day in twelve years

on Sunday…


it was a good excuse to run some

early morning errands, with camera in hand.


After a gloomy Sunday, Monday’s sunrise

was a non-event due to cloud cover.


However when the sun did break through it lit up some…

DC Photography

of the whites around the foreshore against a still gloomy sky.




Hope you enjoyed.





Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-08


We left Amsterdam bound for

Germany’s Rhineland District.

Our coach driver was still driving on the wrong side

of the road…just like everyone else.


Trains were speeding by at speeds never seen in Australia.

And so close to the roadway.


I have to be honest I do not know if this shot was

taken as we left Amsterdam or

while on our Rhine River Cruise.


These houses a certainly situated on the banks

of the Rhine River.


Finally we arrived for our lunch break at the

Cuckoo Clock Factory which makes Cuckoo Clocks

from the Black Forest wood.



Jo’s Monday Walk