Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Gardens


My contribution for this week’s



Some scenes from…

Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Bananas in the gardens did surprise me.

Bollards to be found all over Geelong’s tourist areas.

Even with my red and green colour visions loss…

I can distinguish this red and green.

An ideal location for some of those special photos.





Wordless Wednesday17_Pacific-Gull

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Staying with a bird theme again this week.

I have been told by a local fisherman and

Victorian Birders Facebook Group…

that this is a Pacific Gull.

Again a new one to me.

Where else can they be found?


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Travel Theme-Rain




Travel Theme.


Our first wet, but not cold, day was in Venice.

Umbrellas were the order of the morning.

Finding a seat in a sidewalk coffee shop,

which barely kept us dry, was an ideal way to

spend an hour or so lovingly caressing a cup of coffee.

The long coffee break was so we did not have to walk

several hundred yards, in the rain, and back again

to board the ferry for our journey to, and lunch at, Murano.

 Even in steady rain colourful Murano

was well worth the visit.

A convivial afternoon was had by all.

Although ponchos and umbrellas were still clearly

 heading the fashion trend, Mother Nature eased up

a little as we walked back to our ferry and

a ride back to our hotel.


Where’s My Backpack: Rain




Black and White Tuesday17-2305-Cups


Black and White Tuesday


We purchased, or should I say MGW purchased,

these cups/mugs…
at Johannesburg airport three or four years ago.

 Not just cups but a matching vase…

which was nicely decorated with some form water plant.

In Amsterdam last year we came upon

this display of tea cups in a coffee shop.



Hope you enjoyed.



Book Review-The-Arraignment

The Arraignment

(Paul Madriani #7)

Steve Martini


The Arraignment is the seventh in the Paul Madriani series written by Steve Martini and is another fast paced story revolving around a lawyer friend of Paul Madriani.

A drive by shooting is central to the plot and most of the story is spent contacting dubious characters who may be held responsible for the shooting. As with all good books even some of the apparently ‘good guys’ have a shady side to them.

A wife, an ex-wife and a child neither of the aforementioned know of all adds to the The Arraignment’s plot.

To say much more will give away too much of the plot. The Arraignment is as good as any other Steve Martini book I have read. If you have not read a Steve Martini book previously, and enjoy the crime genre, I would recommend you try some of Steve Martini’s books.

In my opinion the Paul Madriani series does not need to be read in sequence. Others may disagree. I have read number 14 and now number 7 in the series. I have also read The List which is not part of this series and all have scored four stars from me.

I think

The Arraignment

 Image result for The Arraignment steve martini

is definitely a


Goodreads readers have rated

The Arraignment

an average of 3.83 stars from 2,426 ratings and 114 reviews

The Arraignment

can be purchased on-line at

Fishpond, Booktopia, and Amazon


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk-21_Taji


Odd Ball

Week 22, 2017

May 22

This morning I fed the dogs as I normally do in the evening.

MGW usually feeds them.

Candi on the chain so she can have ‘breakfast in bed’ and Taji nearby.

Breakfast in bed is a euphemism for keeping Candi settled

while she ate her breakfast 12 months ago.

She only had to look sideways and a big yellow head

would dive into her bowl and breakfast was over…for Candi.

This morning I fed both as I do at night…at their kennels.

Note Taji’s chain hanging over the post.

She spent around fifteen minutes acting as if

she was tied up…never moving more than her chain

let her from her kennel.

And I thought Labradors were bright!??



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-22