An ordinary photo reminded me of the

Toyota commercials on television…

…with the aid of Photoshop two images become one

What we think of as ordinary,

a eucalypt flower

looks more than ordinary in isolation.

About twelve months ago I again

visited Point Lonsdale and captured

this image of the lighthouse

from the end of the Pier.


Although it appears an ordinary part

of my previous image,

the colours of the seaweed are

anything but ordinary…


..and the delicate nature of this image

is exquisite.


The juxtaposition of the bluestone pavers

and open drainage system and the very

modern rubbish bins in the alley of a town

that dates back to Victoria’s Gold Rush (1850s).



Breakfast by the sea.

In my hometown, the first settlers

arrived in the area in 1841.

Grandfather Bill arrived as

a soldier settler in the early 1920s.

Many of the early graves are marked

with a simple marker and number.

If only those markers could talk.


Texture in graveside fences

With some editing, a cemetery fence

can look a bit special.


And in among this kaleidoscope of colour…

….exquisite (not so ordinary)

beauties like this can be found.


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belonging to the very distant past
and no longer in existence.




After the Colosseum…

…was completed…

…it was the scene…


…of Roman entertainment…



…for several…


…hundred years.


During the fifth century A.D…


…several earthquakes damaged the structure of the Colosseum.



Changing entertainment tastes and

general neglect accounted for

the demise of the Colosseum.


At the beginning of the 20th century,

nearly two-thirds of the original Colosseum

 had been destroyed.



Our visit to Pompeii


An amphitheatre.   

The lighter coloured stone is not original.


Public toilet


Washbasins at Pompeii.



Stepping stones for crossing flooded streets.


Plaster cast body. 

A person trying to protect

nose and mouth from dust. 

A dog 

Another body.   

Some of the many everyday objects

gathered at Pompeii over the years.  

We were told this was Pompeii’s

version of Mcdonald’s.

The brothel menu…

…above the…


…brothel bed.


And if you were unsure if there was a

brothel nearby there were signs

embedded in the street and on walls. 

Can you see this one?


At least that is what our guide told us  😉


We just made it back to some semblance

of shelter when those clouds emptied out.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Ancient













Straight lines holding up the Colosseum’s arches.


Melbourne’s Gallery of Australian Art



Plenty of straight lines in these

curved walls and ceiling

All fence lines should be straight.



 Straight lines everywhere

Trees nearly as straight as the lamp posts


Yacht masts


Car park lines.