a particular event, or the time
at which it takes place

Last week we had a first birthday to

celebrate…our Granddaughter.


A still from a short video clip

on the actual day.


Then on Saturday morning about

50 family and friends gathered at a playground,

after 132 points of rain during the night

and the promise of more

during party time, to celebrate.

After the event, our daughter-in-law was heard

to say that the next big party would

be in 5 years. 🙂







Saturday morning we attended a birthday party

for our only granddaughter. 

It was her first birthday and the party was

held south of Geelong at the

Gateway Sanctuary (Leopold).

This image is from one of several young

oak trees (I think) planted there. 

These autumnal leaves are a tad early for

the Geelong area and autumn only

officially began 4 days ago. 

Of course, it could be that the tree has

had a tough time during summer. 

More like.