almost white in colour

Three of my images are close to white,

whereas the balance is whitish,

in my opinion.

As close to white as I could find.

Creamy white

White Daisies

Nature’s white blossom



Australian White Ibis


Must confess to being surprised at how white

the Dover Cliffs were when I first sighted them…

… and disappointed that the polar bear is 

not as white as I was led to believe.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Whitish





Black and White Challenge.


Ketchikan, Alaska


Kruger National Park,

South Africa

Rhinoceros Horn

Khama Rhino Sanctuary,


I captured these horns at

Sausage Tee Safari Camp


…where we were greeted every morning

by our friendly, resident giraffe.









truculent or uncooperative behaviour.



Camera to my eye…

…Mum and Dad stopped however teenage daughter

was not as polite especially when asked

by her parents, to give me a moment. 

She had attitude.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Attitude









When I first saw this theme…

…I immediately thought of this

form of communication.

Then nonverbal came to mind.

Definite signs of tenderness and caring

for each other are being exhibited.

Without context this is simply an image of two birds.

These two would look at each other and

exchange a few words, as in this photo.

They would then look straight ahead

while furiously bobbing their heads up and down.

When they had ‘laughed’ at the joke

they would start another story,

repeating the cycle every thirty seconds or so.

Must have been short jokes.


When ears are shaken in this manner,

know that you have been warned.

This elephant is definitely wanting its own

space and is telling tourists to get lost,

in no uncertain manner.

If unheeded the next move is to

lay the ears flat against its head and charge.


This youngsters parents were asking her

to stop so I could take my photos.

I felt her reply was not

a come hither gesture, however,

it is just another form of

nonverbal communication.


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I had to think laterally this week.

I love this display of cups in an

Illy Coffee Shop

in Amsterdam

Cylinder recordings on display

in a Fairbanks restaurant.

Another hanging cup/light

in Ketchikan, Alaska.

A Geelong store display supporting

the local Australian Rules football team

during finals.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Store-Displays