People of Heaven


Beverley Harper

People of Heaven sat on my iPod for at least a year before I listened to it.  But it was worth the wait.   I have rated People of Heaven as one of my all-time favourites and definitely the favourite of my four of Beverley Harper books to date.

People of Heaven had me hooked in the first couple of minutes when the author described a young rhinoceros giving birth, to the culmination of the epilogue.  In between there appeared no topic was off-limits.  Plantation life and the treatment of native Africans, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, inter-racial friendships in an apartheid driven era, sex addiction, guerrilla warfare and plain straight out murder were all dealt with in a way that was meaningful and realistic.

Narrator, Jerome Pride, must be applauded for his reading of People of Heaven.   Whether it was an Indian, Scottish, Australian accent or one of several South African accents he made them sound authentic to my ear.

People of Heaven, contains some lines and characters which, made me smile and at times those who made me feel sad.  As a story, it flowed along at a nice pace and never did I feel that there was ‘padding’ involved.


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