Easter 2013

APRIL 2, 2013

Easter is the last time in the year for a major mini-break from work before a long cold winter. It also marks the end of lent which many families mark with a Good Friday meal of fish and chips….at least in my neck of the woods they do.  Easter is also a time of partaking of some hot cross buns.  Now in our household this is usually only about two packets.  However, this year with our two pack in our freezer waiting for the Easter period our younger son decided that because they were half price at his work place he would bring home another four packets!  So hot cross buns have been on the breakfast menu and any other menu we could think of for ten days prior to Easter Sunday.

So how do we cook, heat and eat hot cross buns? Simple! I cook them in a toaster until medium brown, add butter/margarine and then apply a liberal quantity of Vegemite, an Australian spread. However, this recipe did not go down well with my wife or extended family.

Nor did the use of apricot jam, on a hot cross bun, appeal to anyone at our Good Friday gathering.

So it would be interesting to know how my readers eat their hot cross buns.

Hot Cross Bun Spreads