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The Horsewoman


James Patterson


The Horsewoman is the first collaborative effort between Patterson and Lupica; and arguably Patterson’s best book for a few years.  Or perhaps, although I don’t think so, it simply timing.  A novel with the plot goal being the 2024 Paris Olympics Equestrienne events, read during the 2022 Winter Olympics, was always bound to be a sure-fire winner with me.  In the Northern Hemisphere Summer of 2024, Paris is destined to host its third Summer Olympic Games.

The Horsewoman tells the story of the Attwood women, Grandmother Caroline, her Daughter Maggie and youngest of all twenty-one-year-old (Granddaughter) Becky McCabe.

Naturally, there is always a villain, who happens to be very, very, wealthy and while knowing nothing of horses, is able to purchase the lion’s share of a champion horse, Coronado.  A severe accident sees Maggie in hospital for several weeks prior to team selection.   This is when Becky take her mother’s ride, at least for a while.

However, it is Becky’s horse Sky, which turns out to be the hero of the story.  A much smaller horse than Coronado,  Sky has a huge heart;  a heart which may well take them to a successful Olympic campaign.

The Horsewoman moves along at a good pace with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers guessing.

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