A drive along Lake Taupo will find many side roads… 

which may, or may not, lead to a jetty like this.

In both cases here, the short side road

and the jetty stymied me from

driving or walking any further.

Stymie was one of my Father’s favourite words. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Stymie




My first post for FOTD.

Not sure how often but will try.


From Taupo,

New Zealand







Road tripping in New Zealand this week…

between Taupo and Tongariro National Park…

which is situated at the south-eastern end of Lake Taupo.

The main thing we enjoyed about our road trip was that we

could go when we wanted to go…


and if there was no traffic about

pause on a bridge for shots like this.





Our Rotorua accommodation had about this many steps outside the building.

Our host met us and offered to carry our cases in.


We had just completed a 1.8 kilometre walk,

over a geothermal area where handrails were few and far between.

I was also told, by the builder, that there are 666 steps in the walk.

Presumably 333 steps up and  333 steps down.

An hour or so driving and my knees were begging for mercy.



Sans luggage, I almost bounded up the outside steps

only to be greeted by this staircase inside.

AND at the top of this staircase was another…as long and steep.

Finally our room door.

It was opened and there was another staircase,

only 4 steps into the room.

At this point our host, seeing my struggles with the stairs

asked if we would like a ground floor room.

My knees were doing cartwheels…in their imagination!

Why in the name of fortune had he not made the offer

prior to scaling these steps.

The resident donkey came over to bid us farewell.

Although I really think it was contemplating one of

the apples we were told we could feed it.

As much as I like large dogs it took me about three seconds,

on the shore of Lake Taupo, to decide his Newfoundland,

as nice as it was, was not my type of dog.



Pic and Word Challenge: Contemplation