Considering we are at the opposite end

of the seasonal roundabout,

most of my photos, this week,

are of waterfalls

Because Victoria Falls was mentioned in the challenge,

my first image is of Victoria Falls.

I believe the stream of water in the foreground

is known as Devil’s Kitchen (not certain) and this

is erosion taking place to prepare a new site

for Victoria Falls.

As is visible in this photo there at least

five other sites of the Victoria Falls.


Hopkins Falls.

At 90 metres wide it is one of Victoria’s widest falls.

Athabasca Falls

near Jasper, Alberta,



Maligne Gorge Falls

also found in

Jasper National Park,




Rhine Falls in Switzerland.


Huka Falls,

near Taupo,

New Zealand




So, while the northern hemisphere is taking Autumn/Fall images,

these were taken in our garden just before

sunset on Tuesday September 3, 2019.

Leucadendron…a member

of Protea family.

Not only are these Snow Drops,

but today Google says they are

Giant Snow Drops.

A memory from the farm.


Not sure if these a ex-farm flowers or

purchases made since moving.

However, I first saw the Winter Rose

after I said ‘I do!’




While these two terms are related to each other, they do not mean exactly the same.
statue is a carved or cast figure of a person or animal.
Sculpture is a piece of art that is made by carving or molding clay, stone, metal, etc.
A sculpture that contains a human or animal figure can be termed as a statue.


I miss-defined the statue/sculpture definition,

so this is take two.

Vienna, Austria.

Avignon, France


St Paul de Vence,



New Zealand

Statue or sculpture.

Grouse Mountain,

Vancouver, BC.








Two continents and one island this week.

A scene from Day  2 of our

Rocky Mountaineer Train trip

to Vancouver, June 2018.

Whistler ski slopes, Canada, June 2018



Across the Pacific Ocean

and much closer to home is

New Zealannd’s…

Mount Ruapehu,

which is an active volcano

in Tongariro National Park.

New Zealand’s North Island’s major ski resorts

and only glaciers are too be found on Mt Ruapehu.

Across the Indian Ocean is the Mt Sheba Resort.

And a not too long drive from Mt Sheba

is an area known as God’s Window. 

Stunning views



Sausage Tree Safari Camp…

…we were able to admire the Drakensberg Mountains

and enjoy a drink  or meal while doing so.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  The-Great-Outdoors



A catch up post.

Falling water in Banff’s…


…Cascade Gardens.

The ‘fall’ may not be any higher than the

Cascade Garden falls, however,

Huka Falls a few minutes out of Taupo,

New Zealand wins, hands down,

for power and quantity.


Witsend-Weekly-PC – Falling-Water






Taupo Gardens…12

The second and last post from

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

which overlook Lake Taupo.

These gardens are physically larger

and have a one or two kilometre

paved road on which to drive .



Completing this drive around

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

with one of many rhododendrons sighted.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday








Taupo Gardens…11

After walking the downtown gardens

we made our way up to the larger

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

which overlook Lake Taupo.

These gardens are physically larger

and have a one or two kilometre

paved road on which to drive .



We sighted many examples of flowers and rhododendrons

but took only a few photos due to time constraints.

If ever in Taupo, and have an interest in gardens,

the Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

are well worth a visit.

Last week I said this week would be my last Taupo post.

I found enough photos for two more weeks.

So next week another post from

the Waipahihi Botanical Gardens,

then on to a new town or venue.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday








Taupo Gardens…10My last post from these gardens in Taupo.

Both shots taken from the footpath.



Across the road next to our rental was

not one, but two of these cuddly pooches

alighting from a fairly small car,

along with their two human companions.

One more week in Taupo Gardens.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday