the period from sunset to sunrise
in each twenty-four hours.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

New Zealand


Disney Wonder in the distance

at 2300 hours in Alaska


Nearly 2200 (10 PM) Alaskan time

Disney Wonder at 2330 hours


Alaskan sunset


Prince’s Bridge over Melbourne’s

Yarra River

Melbourne CBD and the Yarra River

Evan Walker footbridge



Melbourne sunrise



Melbourne moonset.


Finally, Geelong from my hospital room last year.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Night










a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening
and typically supporting the weight of
a bridge, roof, or wall above it

London’s Tower Bridge and its four arches


Rome’s Colosseum…

…and all its…


The Sydney Habour Bridge arch is arguably

the most well-known arch in the world.


Very much closer to home, the Prince’s Bridge…

…and the Evan Walker Foot Bridge…

…both contain arches over

Melbourne’s Yarra River.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Arch