One Word Photo Challenge-Family



A few months ago MGW came rushing in exclaiming

we were grandparents.

This came as quite a shock to me as neither of our offspring,

or partners, are in the breeding way…yet.

It made a lot more sense when it was explained that

we had some additions to the two goldfish in our little pond.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Family


One Word Photo Challenge-Fairy



I was not sure what to use as a subject this week, until…

Fairy Penguins came to mind, however…

now, to be politically correct, they are known as Little Penguins.

 And then of course there is Port Fairy, where I used to

holiday with family and friends many decades ago.

Port Fairy is a fishing/tourist town and was named

by the crew of the whaler The Fairy in 1828.

In 1835 a whaling station was established

followed by a store in 1839.

Fishing boats still use the Moyne River as their

port of refuge from Bass Strait’s wild weather

and it was in the upper reaches of the Moyne

that I spent many hours swimming

before a swimming pool was constructed

in my home town in about 1966/67.

More history of Port Fairy can be found here.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Fairy


Black and White Tuesday17-0314_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 14, 2017



I tired my hand at photographing

some roadside grass this week.

In another life I would call these grasses weeds!

But in this forum…they are subjects!


I was sorely tempted to crop just the centre of this one and

call it Roadside Blue Poles after we (Australia)

paid a world record price of $1.3 million

for a piece of art in 1973.

It was a case of love it, or hate it.

There was no in between!

According to Google it is now worth $350 million.

Just shows how much I know about art! 🙂

If you have not heard of, or seen, 

Blue Poles…Click here.



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Fabricated



Many buildings, both houses and sheds were made from

natural ‘bluestone’, which is actually grey in colour.

This stone originated in lava flows from now extinct volcanoes

which was hewn into rectangular blocks.

These varied from easy to lift to long blocks of stone

requiring two or more men to lift them.

Holding the stones in place is a type of mortar made

from what appears to be mud and not much else.

My Grandfather, and father had an old shearing shed

on their property similar to his and the mortar appeared

to be as described.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Fabricated


Black and White Tuesday17-0307_Pets


Black and White Tuesday

 March 07, 2017



Feel like morning exercises?

Would you exercise like a Labrador?

Or would you exercise like a…

kelpie and really stretch those muscles?



Hope you enjoyed.



One Word Photo Challenge-Exposure



I thought of several themes for

this week’s exposure challenge

and finally decided to go with a strictly photography take.

sunset-1_2_0187This shot has been 2 stops over exposed in Photoshop.


This shot has been 1 stop over exposed.

sunset-3_0_0187As it came out of the camera.

sunset-4_-1_01871 stop under exposed.


2 stops under exposed.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Exposure