not according with truth or fact; incorrect.

I know I have posted this image many time

…however, it fits in again.

All the bluster which Maggie had and Taji has

is just that……bluster and false front.

Maggie was the same age as Taji is now.

Taji loves to tell walkers and anyone else she is the boss.

However, her unsuspecting target only

has to stand up to her and she backs down quickly,

and departs with a much quieter ‘woof‘ over her shoulder.





take or carry (people or goods) from one place
to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship.

I guess bicycles do…

…transport rider from beginning to end.

Port Phillip Geelong-Melbourne Ferry.



Dubai railway.

Melbourne to Geelong train carriage.

The front end of the Rocky Mountaineer

transporting us back to Vancouver.





This is a topic which is dear to me.

So many people, in front of a camera force a smile

which is nowhere near their pleasant, happy expression.

In fact body language experts will attest

to the fact that humans are the only species on earth… which the baring of teeth is

supposed to be anything but the

aggressive posture it means in other species.


None of the smiles in these collages belong to yours truly,

however at least one is the chip off the old block.

Even then his smile is from his Mother

and her side of the family tree


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Say-Cheese


 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


My query for readers today is;

Do you see these sights in your forests?



I believe that this has contributed to our fires this season.

Today I was talking briefly to a couple

from Wodonga (near the fires),

showed them these photos and they stated that

this is like heir forest floors.

I won’t rant…just cry at the mess we get ourselves into

because in the case of this reserve, fallen branches

cannot be removed because they may be the

home of native mice and rats.

For the record this reserve is nowhere near the current fires.

It is around 20 km from Geelong, opposite a golf course,

two or three hundred metres from an industrial estate

which backs onto housing.

Given the correct conditions…..


Hope you enjoyed.