Candi is excellent at division. 

Apart from checking to see that

she has as much food as Taji…

…she has also got the day bed sleeping arrangements organised.

Half the time (read colder days) she commandeers

the labrador size bed with its new mattress.


The other half of the time she uses

what should be her bed. 

As for Taji?

Candi doesn’t give a second thought about

where Taji may, or may, not sleep.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Division






Seeing yesterday (Sunday) was

St Patrick’s Day…

…and in view of my Irish heritage…

…I thought some clover images were in order. 

Taken back in the day when we thought

a ‘natural’ lawn would survive in this climate. 

We had a lot to learn. 🙂






A very late Geelong neighbourhood post.

The land lubber’s view of Cunningham Pier.

I  could say this was a ocean view of Cunningham Pier,

however, my feet were planted firmly  of terra firma

at my favourite sunrise shoot spot.

The domed building is the new Geelong Library.

Eastern Beach parking area before dawn.

The background building houses a  Carousel.

A winter fog in Moorabool (main) Street of Geelong.

There is precious little land behind me

and about two blocks will land you in

the Central Business District.

Some street art.

Sunrise on Corio Bay, Geelong.

Sunrise on Geelong.


During our recent sunset cruise

I was told that these sailboats are

on the water every Wednesday evening. 

Perhaps during summer.


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Some local and African fences.

Never did like this kind of fence.

 Quick and relatively east to erect.  

Difficult to maintain.


Same applies to this wire netting fence.

‘Although I would love to have watched how

the tree trunk post in the ground.

Definitely hard work.

A few weeks ago…

I posted this image and told how a work colleague said

she would not visit Africa because of scenes like this.


I never did show her this image of

an early morning passerby

taken by the light from our tent

and only a 42 inch high fence between us.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Fences-Gates





A sight we thought we would never see.

Smudge (new timid cat) playing confidently with Candi.

Yes the backyard is in harmony again.

Apologies for the photos.

Had to take it through a glass door.

Smudge still is a bit human wary.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Harmony