Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-C


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Beginning with Letter-C


Words beginning with C…  

Coral on The Great Barrier Reef, off Cairns.

A cable car ride down to Cairns

The peloton of cyclists in the 2017 annual

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race




When I think of Vision…

Twelve months ago, I had been told that my

right eye would have its vision impaired

if radiated, or biopsied and the best thing to do

was remove it. 

The yellow pigment was initially diagnosed as

an A-typical melanoma.

After a regime of test during Autumn 2016 the diagnosis

was revised and in 2017 I still have vision in my right eye,

even though the look of it has not changed.


Thursday’s Special: Vision

Weekly Photo Challenge-Earth



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Random piles of earth this week.Drakensburg ranges in South Africa

If ever visiting Cairns in Queensland

this pile of earth should catch your eye.

Between Geelong and my home town

on the Hamilton Highway is Mount Elephant.

Fortunately ‘they’ have stopped eating

into the side of these volcanic cones

which dot Victoria’s Western District.

Mount Shadwell, another of

Western Victoria’s piles of earth.

And finally a pile of earth from The Twelve Apostles.

Sad to think these are falling due to

the incessant pounding they receive from the sea.



Travel Theme: Play


My contribution to the travel Theme Challenge were taken while on a Queensland holiday.



With forty or fifty bacon and egg breakfasts only a few metres away some of the lions found it easier to play with the ball as a distraction to the breakfast smells wafting through the air.



After breakfast there was always the Cairns swimming pool provided a place to play, relax, enjoy the sun, and a swim while only a few metres from a shopping centre across the road…when lunch time arrived…


Where’s my backpack?: Travel theme: Play



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Seating

More of Paronella Park


Mena Creek_5563Paronella

Imagine that you are serving in, the armed forces in the Pacific during World War II…


Mena Creek_5560Paronella

What better place to come to for a relaxing day, perhaps with an Aussie ‘friend’ on your arm.



Plenty of seating to relax and chat over anything but your ‘work’…



In what could only be described as a romantic setting.



Even its overgrown state…just imagine



Who knows, at this very table an Aussie girl may have said ‘Yes’ to an American soldier’s proposal…


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Seating



Travel Theme: Wild



He looks meek and mild in this at photo…



…but we saw his wild side on more than on occasion.



And on Saturday wild winds whipped the leaves around.


Where’s my backpack?: Travel theme: Wild