Black and White Challenge.


Sunrise and Reflections


Hands and Drum

Gondolier and Gondola

 Surf and Surfer


Mugs and Vase

Performer and Chair

Seagull and a Snack









I have stayed with the coast for this week’s

MidWeek Madness Challenge.

Hardly need to caption this image…but it is the 12 Apostles.


Gibson Steps beach…about ten minutes east of the Apostles..

Surfing Torquay.




Surfing Torquay

Torquay Surf









a long body of water curling into an arched form
and breaking on the shore


As  you  can see by my definition

of ‘wave’ mine are all

wet ones today.

All Torquay Beach waves.

A vey rough day a while back.

Surfing Torquay


And again…

Torquay wipe out.

I’m sure this would look more like a small tsunami

if the tourists were not admiring

the surf at Torquay







Nothing like baking…

…a birthday cake.



Nothing like sunbaking those legs

to a rich shade of brown…


…after applying liberal quantities

of sunscreen.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-Baked




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Torquay Beach, where you can…

…catch some air…

…take a drop…


…or just enjoy the scenery

I often mention Bells Beach

in conjunction with Torquay.

A web page devoted to surf talk mentions Bells

and imparted some interesting information.

Click anywhere along this link to visit.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #27