a large or excessive amount of something.

Last Spring’s cherry harvest was the best

we have ever reaped off our

miniature cherry tree.

As cherries don’t last long off the tree,

MGW made a cherry pie to help

with consumption of said cherries.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:Plethora






Sunday was cherry harvest day/hour  🙂.


In 2019 the birds found their way through

our net and beat us to most of the crop. 

2020 came around we were prepared. 

No bird was going to find its way

into our mini cherry tree this year. 

And we give thanks for that.

Although I must confess giving thanks

for managing to starve birds of their

cherry fix does seem odd.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Give-Thanks









(of a plant, animal, or person) producing
much fruit or foliage or many offspring.


Our Cherry Tree…

…is again going to produce a good crop of cherries


I just hope we have learned from last year’s error

when we left just enough holes near the ground

for birds to get under the netting.

We have been harvesting around 3-4 kg of cherries

from our dwarf tree each year….so long

as the birds don’t beat us, that  is.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Prolific






The laast Christmas photo for the year I hope……decorations are only our this time of year.


However, something are always around

near Christmas is our crop of fruit

harvested from our miniature cherry tree.


While this summer’s cherries have been harvested and eaten…

they were lovely…

this photo was taken in early January 2018

of last summers crop of cherries.




In December 2016 we thought Taji’s incursion

to our cherry tree netting simply a mistake

of a young pup.

This year she was ‘sprung’ inside again,

eating cherries straight from the tree.