almost white in colour

Three of my images are close to white,

whereas the balance is whitish,

in my opinion.

As close to white as I could find.

Creamy white

White Daisies

Nature’s white blossom



Australian White Ibis


Must confess to being surprised at how white

the Dover Cliffs were when I first sighted them…

… and disappointed that the polar bear is 

not as white as I was led to believe.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Whitish






a person employed to look after the passengers
on a ship, aircraft, or train.


During our Vancouver – Alaska Cruise,

each night we came back to our cabin

to find a towel…


…had been left as an animal

by our cabin stewards.






the natural agent that stimulates sight
and makes things visible.

Geelong Marina boat lights


London lights near the

London Eye.

Moonlight in Alaska.


Melbourne’s Langham Hotel lights


Christmas lights


Almost the first light reflected off the ocean.


A lightning storm lights up the night sky.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Light










the period from sunset to sunrise
in each twenty-four hours.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

New Zealand


Disney Wonder in the distance

at 2300 hours in Alaska


Nearly 2200 (10 PM) Alaskan time

Disney Wonder at 2330 hours


Alaskan sunset


Prince’s Bridge over Melbourne’s

Yarra River

Melbourne CBD and the Yarra River

Evan Walker footbridge



Melbourne sunrise



Melbourne moonset.


Finally, Geelong from my hospital room last year.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Night









Having a shape that reduces drag
when moving through water.

Whether frolicking in Logan’s Beach Whale Nursery…

…or enjoying the sun in Alaska’s Glacier Bay,

both whales and seals have

aquadynamic body shapes…

…just like this seal sculpture at the Melbourne Zoo.










Our current canine pets


The Moon 


These clouds were flooding some parts

of Geelong to a depth of three feet


An Alaskan reflection



Jaxon…Our third grandchild and only grandson


An umbrella


A truck and trailer.

Trucks of a goods train.


Autumn foliage


A few years ago I discovered this banana tree

in the Geelong Botanic Gardens

Stumbled across this sign in London


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Treasure-Hunt

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Sofia:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Donna:…Treasure-Hunt**






rest or move on or near the surface
of a liquid without sinking.

Floating Autumn leaves

A float plane has floats where you

would expect to find wheels.