memorable day

is worth remembering
or likely to be remembered,


A late post which only proves that I find it easier

to post a photo with some text, than write.

The image below is of Port Fairy’s

STUMP Hotel in Victoria

and not the Hotel/Bar mentioned

in my Memorable Day story.

I had been in Canada for nearly a month, in 1976, and

had arrived in Theodore, Saskatchewan.

I found myself seated at the local watering hole

with some Canadians, I had met the

previous year and a group of locals.

My first glass of coke disappeared fairly quickly

and I left my seat, walked to the bar

and asked the woman behind the bar for

‘a glass of coke, please’.

The Canadian response was ‘Pardon’.

Twice more this happened.

In frustration, I point to the

Coca-Cola dispenser on the bar.

This time her response was

‘Oh! You mean a glass of COKE!’

She hit every letter of the word precisely and clearly.

With my glass of coke in hand,

I wandered back to our table,

where I was told that I should have waited

for the waitress to come to our table.

Country pubs still do not have that

kind of service Down Under.

A few minutes later said waitress came to our table

took orders, returned and distributed drinks.

As she was leaving, having served the last

drink to thirsty drinkers,

I felt something soft brushing along my right cheek.

As I turned to see what was going on I realised

it was the waitress brushing my cheek with her hand.

After she left, one of the group told me that her son

had was about my age (25) had perished in

a drowning accident about a month earlier.

To this day I can only accept that it was true,

however, it is something that has never

slipped out of my memory.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Memorable-Day