Nothing like the first bubacino of the day!

Weeping cherry getting ready to bloom



Sisters together

Tides out, temperature low, water steaming.

So concentrated was I on the sunrise, to the left of shot,

that I almost missed this action.

Definitely a favourite find while out shooting.


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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Favourite-Finds

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denoting a miniature version of something.


Is this a mini Me, Dad?


It is with great joy, pride and excitement

that we can finally announce the birth

of our second grandchild Chelsa Hope.

She was born on Saturday, March 13, 2022,

in Geelong at 13.25pm to

No. 1 Son and No. 2 Daughter-in-Law.

Chelsea came into the world at 42 weeks

weighing eight pounds and six ounces (3.9kg).

All are doing well!

  Including big sister Charlotte.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Mini





Three of my treasures…

I purchased this painting while passing through

Alice Springs (Northern Territory)  in April 1975

on one of the best camping holidays,

I can remember.


Dear old Brandy.

  Fourteen years of the best and most

loyal dog I have ever known.



Born in March last year my final treasure is our first grandchild.

Fingers crossed we have two more arrivals: one

in early August and a sibling for this one.

The other in early October.

I hope the unborn are not infected by covid

because both expectant Mums have had covid

this past week or so.


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Lens-Artist PC Amy:…Treasures

Lens-Artist PC Tina:...Treasures

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Lens Artist PC Sofia:…Treasures

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able to use the right and left hands equally well.


I often refer to myself not as ambidextrous, but ambiguous!

The reason is that I write, throw a ball and use

a knife and fork, left-handed.

However, when I eat dessert or butter bread

the spoon and knife are in my left hand.

I play golf and use a cricket bat right-handed

but bowl a cricket ball with my left hand.

When I played Australian rules football I would

always kick the ball with my right foot but

could handball proficiently with either hand.

Handballing is an integral part of our game

whereas throwing the ball is not allowed.

Click here for more information about handballing.

Messy but Cute  😉

So it was with a great deal of joy when someone

pointed out that she favoured using her left hand.

What more could I ask for than a blue-eyed,

left-handed granddaughter.

Maybe she will be ambidextrous!