THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-Best-2017-Picture

Best 2017 Picture

I have several pictures…all for differing reasons.This was a sunrise at Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

The sun should have been rising to my right and behind.

In other words I am facing West roughly speaking.

I had packed my tripod and long lens away

and was about to walk back to the car

and breakfast..somewhere…

when this rainbow appeared.

For only two minutes.

Had I not had a back up camera, with a shorter lens,

I  would not have been able to capture the few shots I did.

A few months later I ventured over to Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier.

A draw-card for tourists and photographers alike.

I confess to editing this a bit to capture the stormy winter sky.

But I am pleased with the outcome.

 In between those two shots was our

wedding anniversary hot air balloon flight

over Melbourne.

I will probably never take this shot again

and it is one I would like to enlarge.

However, I will always remember

our 30th Wedding Anniversary by this shot.

However, the shot I am most pleased with is not one of mine.

  Followers may remember that I visited France and Belgium

and spent three days touring

the Western Front Battlefields of World War I.


Because my Grandfather served on the Western Front

and Fired the  First Allied Shot of World War I.


I created four posts about a place known as

Lochnagar Crater for Jo’s Monday Walk Challenge.

While there I discovered that for a modest fee the

Friends of Lochnagar Crater would create a plaque for one’s relative

as a means of raising money to keep the site maintained.

So, when this photo arrived via email,

to say that I was pleased, proud and happy

would be an understatement.

My Auntie, my Grandfather’s only surviving child,

(Dad passed away in 2001 and his other Sister in 2016)

was also extremely pleased and proud to know her Father

had been memorialised in the country where he had

served his country during The Great War.

Click on this link to read Lochnagar Part 4. 

Links to all other Lochnagar posts can be found there as well.

Happy New Year


Thursday’s Special: Best 2017 Picture


One Word Photo Challenge-Magician






An informal meaning of the word Magician is…

a person with exceptional skill in a particular area.

To my way of thinking this bloke is definitely a magician.

 Those who developed hot air balloons and

Go Pro cameras to  record our flight also had special skills.

Not to mention all the professions in the world today

which require special skills.

Being a former woolclasser/farmer

I am going to mention farming first.

Many years ago a wool producer

whose wool I was classing/grading/sorting

stated that farming was no longer a lifestyle but a science.

And then there is that group of people who state

that they are ‘just a housewife

Unstated are the projects that just a housewife manages,

counselling sessions,

budgeting skills,

cooking skills…must I go on?

We all  have special skills and therefore

are all magicians!


 One Word Photo Challenge: Magician


Christmas Morning Disaster


Christmas Day did not commence as well

as it should have this year.

  MGW’s first task was to prepare some roast pumpkin

for lunch at her sister’s place.

So first thing out of bed…

down to the kitchen….

utensils at the ready.

Next thing was the pumpkin,

which had been stored in our pantry

for a couple of days due to a fridge full of food.

She reached for said pumpkin and

her fingers penetrated the skin.

With thoughts of salvaging some of it for lunch

she attacked it with the carving knife

only to be sprayed with smelly pumpkin juice.

Yes!  It was rotten.  To the core!

I am certain that I stored home grown pumpkins

for weeks in an old shed many years ago.

So much for the Fresh Food Supermarket!!!!

Sister-in-law’s telephone is not answering

so carrots have been substituted for pumpkin.

The thing is…if someone else is cooking carrots also

we are going to have good eyesight way into 2018.


Merry Christmas,

to one and all…

as we  head off for our

Christmas Lunch with family…followed by

an evening meal at Number 2 Son’s house

where his In-Laws will also join us.

Daily Prompt-Meagre



Today was cherry picking day.

Nothing tastes as good as a home-grown cherry.

A few years a go we planted some miniature fruits trees

and although the tree is small the fruit is not.

 In 2015 we harvested our first crop of cherries,

which filled a two litre container.

Last year there was a very meagre crop thanks to local bird life.

Maybe a cherry or two each.

We learned a lesson and this year netted the tree.

Not 100% successful but we did managed to fill

one and a half, two litre containers this year.

Much better than last year’s meagre offering.

Still those feathered friends managed a feed or two.

However, if our plans for our cherry tree

come to fruition there will be some hungry birds

looking wistfully at our cherry tree

in twelve months time. 🙂



Daily Prompt-Gorge



Victoria’s South West coastline is known

for the number of sailing vessels which came

to grief during bad weather. 

The stretch of coastline became known as

the Shipwreck Coast in the 1800s.

HMS Loch Ard hit a reef and sank

on June 1, 1878.

The only two survivors….

were washed into this gorge which

now bears the name Loch Ard Gorge.

Loch Ard Gorge is only a few minutes drive

from the Twelve Apostles and many

other formations carved out of the coastline

over the years.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Cheeky



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some photos of a face from MGW’s phone.

Whenever we suspect the dogs of a wrong doing…

 Candi, like the cheeky kid in the classroom, has a

‘…it wasn’t me…’ expression on her face. 

Naturally Taji is ‘guilty‘ all the time.


Our resident New Holland Honey Eater

is also a bit on the cheeky side.


Not afraid to berate family members, or…


 onlookers, alike!


Now everyone who reads my blog

will know that our dogs are ‘outside’ dogs.

Doesn’t this expression say

I’m inside.  Whacha going to do about it?