One Word Photo Challenge-Family



A few months ago MGW came rushing in exclaiming

we were grandparents.

This came as quite a shock to me as neither of our offspring,

or partners, are in the breeding way…yet.

It made a lot more sense when it was explained that

we had some additions to the two goldfish in our little pond.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Family





Black and White Challenge:



A few years ago, 2014, to be precise…

 we had a day trip to Victoria Falls.

On our home journey,

at the Zimbabwe and Botswana border crossing

I thought I had lost my passport between

the Zimbabwe and Botswana check points.

After a five to ten minute delay…I found my passport

in my pocket (oops!)…we were on our way again.


Hardly had we commenced than we sighted this

family of elephants trying to find a break in the traffic

so they could get to the river for a drink.

Not one person thanked me for delaying our trip

so that we were able to capture this sight.  

All they could think of was me and my lost passport.  

One bloke among five women!!!

MGW…was leading the charge.  

I had no hope 😀  😀  😀  


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-E-or-F




One Word Photo Challenge-Fairy



I was not sure what to use as a subject this week, until…

Fairy Penguins came to mind, however…

now, to be politically correct, they are known as Little Penguins.

 And then of course there is Port Fairy, where I used to

holiday with family and friends many decades ago.

Port Fairy is a fishing/tourist town and was named

by the crew of the whaler The Fairy in 1828.

In 1835 a whaling station was established

followed by a store in 1839.

Fishing boats still use the Moyne River as their

port of refuge from Bass Strait’s wild weather

and it was in the upper reaches of the Moyne

that I spent many hours swimming

before a swimming pool was constructed

in my home town in about 1966/67.

More history of Port Fairy can be found here.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Fairy


Wordless Wednesday17_0803_Geelong

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A few weeks ago I rose early in anticipation of a good sunrise.

Although the Geelong Football Ground shows clearly

there was too much cloud to even see the sun rise.

Best I could do was some cloud shots.

After a coffee it was of to the foreshore…

and all it has to offer tourists and locals alike.

And a visit to the foreshore would not be complete

without some bollards in a shot.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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One Word Photo Challenge-Fabricated



Many buildings, both houses and sheds were made from

natural ‘bluestone’, which is actually grey in colour.

This stone originated in lava flows from now extinct volcanoes

which was hewn into rectangular blocks.

These varied from easy to lift to long blocks of stone

requiring two or more men to lift them.

Holding the stones in place is a type of mortar made

from what appears to be mud and not much else.

My Grandfather, and father had an old shearing shed

on their property similar to his and the mortar appeared

to be as described.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Fabricated




View From My-Front Verandah


At the right time of the ear, if one sits

on the outside window ledge…


our weeping cherry will fill your senses…well

at least sight and smell.


sunrise_0002July 29, 2015 and the morning sun was streaming

in under our verandah and into our living room

as it does most mornings.



From our front door visitors pass our Japanese Garden.

We attempt to rake the gravel as it should be

in a true Japanese Garden, however all was well

for about two minutes,

then Maggie (our Labrador at the time)

decided to inspect the site.

Our best efforts to keep her off our new creation

were met with a hearty wag of her tail

and she continued across, around, up and down.

We gave up!


Also from our front door and under the verandah

February 15, 2017 sunrise.


A Photo a Week Challenge: View-From-My-Front-Porch


Wordless Wednesday17_0103_Dew

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Some of Tuesday’s Black and Whites in Colour.


A heavy fog on Wednesday night and this was the result.


I’m not sure that this looks its best with this tint.

But it was a pretty sight…a fine cobweb covered in dew drops.


And one of our soon the be ripe apples.

For the past few weeks the dogs have been eating

lower and fallen apples…with relish.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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