I’m certain Maggie was pleading

mitigating circumstances

when these photos were taken.
It was the only time we ever saw her as dirty as this…

…and are to this day, over two years since she passed,

that she had been burying a bone.


We have but circumstantial evidence

to back up our theory.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Mitigate





offence or annoyance.

“she took umbrage at his remarks”

Maggie quite readily took umbrage…
at any strangers silly enough to wander

through our backyard.


Taji, also noisily tells all intruders where to go.

 However, she doesn’t mind wandering

into our neighbour’s yard

but makes a lot of noise if

one of their dogs comes into our yard. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Umbrage



On Friday morning I decided to head out

for my first sunrise shoot for 2019

and for a long time.The moon had risen an hour or so

prior to my arrival and was just visible.

About 45 five minutes later the horizon was glowing

prior to a day which reach 40 degrees Celsius. 

I assume because the sun was not rising over water

it was  a few minutes later than the stated time of 0605.



A Photo a Week Challenge: On-The-Horizon