Gibson Steps Beach

Great Ocean Road

A scene from the

Alaskan Wild Life Conservation Centre


I have been told that ice has a bluish tinge to it,

I just hope others can see the blue


Gibson Steps Beach

Great Ocean Road







Our current canine pets


The Moon 


These clouds were flooding some parts

of Geelong to a depth of three feet


An Alaskan reflection



Jaxon…Our third grandchild and only grandson


An umbrella


A truck and trailer.

Trucks of a goods train.


Autumn foliage


A few years ago I discovered this banana tree

in the Geelong Botanic Gardens

Stumbled across this sign in London


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Anne:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Sofia:…Treasure-Hunt

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Donna:…Treasure-Hunt**





Begin with two images captured in the…


…Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre.


Geelong seagull

Christmas decorations cast shadows on

Melbourne’s Bourke Street.


Kalaharri Scrub Robin

Lekhubu Island



A gum tree casts its shadow

on this church roof…


…walls and door.


Rural reflection.






the throwing back by a body or surface
of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it


Palace of Versailles reflection.



Alaska reflection.

A building in Melbourne






Corio Bay sunrise…

…Corio Bay again…

…and again.

Our only natural satellite

reflecting light from the Sun.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Reflection







I have included a few things to do

in and around Geelong

just in case borders are closed suddenly.


Visit the Otway Rainforest near Geelong

Lekhubu Island and its ancient Baobab trees

on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.


Sunrise at Botswana’s Lekhubu Island


Rise early to enjoy sunrise at Geelong

Go on an African Safari


Enjoy an a Down Under sunset near Geelong


Cruise into Glacier Bay and view Alaska’s

Margerie Glacier

Explore the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Centre

From Fairbanks take a Chenna River Cruise

Fly from Fairbanks to Coldfoot…

…coach to small community…


…of Wiseman inside the Arctic Circle.







Images from Alaska and Africa,

Botswana, to be exact.

My first three images are from…


…near or inside the…

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre

These two images are one and the same

and were an early morning capture

at Kwa Nokeng Lodge

Win Botswana.


I think either one would make a nice wall mount

and talking point.

Some smoke and mirrors here

thanks to Photoshop.

I have been informed that Baobabs

do not grow near a body of water.

However, I cannot find a definitive answer

to that comment.



Amanda                       Sandi