an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle,
fitted with glass in a frame to admit light or air
and allow people to see out.


A window doorway.

Whatever you call it Maggie approved.


The view from

Gods Window

over the

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

South Africa

This window just had to be photographed.

It is the view out Buckland’s BnB, about a five-minute drive

from the Hobbit Movie Set near Matamata,

New Zealand

When booking our Rocky Mountaineer options…

…we decided to pay the extra for the Gold Leaf experience…

…as carriages with windows in the roof were

all that we had ever seen advertised.


The less expensive, Silver Leaf Carriages have a restricted view…

…with windows only in the sides of the carriage

and meals are eaten in your seat.

Gold Leaf guests have a downstairs dining room.

The above image shows one Gold Leaf Carriage

on the extreme right.

The lower row of windows is in the dining area.

The front 5 or 6 cars are Silver Leaf Carriages.




Coffee shop


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Window








I discovered that walking up this icy incline

was much easier than walking down it…unless

you didn’t mind your feet slipping out

from under you and landing flat on

your backside in wet icy snow.






travel through (an unfamiliar area)
in order to learn about it.

After spending three months in Canada in 1976,

I have often lamented the fact that I did not…

…leave time to visit the Butchart Gardens.

So, when planning our 2018 visit, to Canada…


…we decided to spend a few days in Victoria (BC)

to recover from our 14-hour non-stop flight

across the Pacific…

…but mainly to visit, in our own time,

the Butchart Gardens and any other

attractions Victoria had to offer.

That was one of the best decisions we made.

We were able to wander along the many paths

that comprise the gardens at our own pace…

…exploring at our leisure.






My first Cosmic challenge

Even though it was mid-June there was unexpected,

from everyone’s point of view,

snow falling on

Canada’s Columbia Icefield

before and during our visit.

Whilst snow is not unheard of in Australia,

it was the first time I had ever experienced

falling snow.


These are more like winter woodland scenes…


…from South Western












The Million Dollar View


Fairmont Springs Hotel




The Lekhubu Island 

view over the

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Open










All my chill images should have

provided us with a chilling experience…


…unfortunately, the opposite was true.

Although it was snowing on

Canada’s Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, 

moving around kept us warm.


Even our visit to

Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier

was undertaken in bright sunshine.

I must confess wearing more than

a cotton shirt on the

glacier visits though.









a view

the ability to see something or
to be seen from a particular place.

Banff Springs Hotel

Million Dollar View.


During recent years,  Griffin Gully

has proven to be a wonderful spot

for Blue Hour…


…and sunrise photos…

…all year round.

From high atop the London Eye…

Big Ben quickly became…

…Little Ben.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   A-View







take or go with
(someone or something)
to a place.

Although my images were taken in

Vancouver’s Stanley Park, (Canada)

and on

Melbourne’s St Kilda Pier (Australia)

…they both have something in common.

In both photos, someone did remember

to bring the camera.  😄😄


FOWord Challenge:…Bring






On Canada’s famous Rocky Montaineer…



…we travelled from Lake Louise…


…to Vancouver…



…over the Canadian Rocky Mountains…



…with an overnight…





…stop in Kamloops.