My first water scene is…

…nearby Lal Lal Falls.

In 2014 we visited Victoria Falls

in Zimbabwe .

Four years later, it was Alberta’s,

Athabasca Falls In Canada.

For 55 years lived less than an hour

from Warrnambool’s, Hopkins Falls.

The only time I remember visiting these falls was

when number one Son wanted some photos

for a geography assignment I set his class, in 2003.

As it was a February/March assignment,

there was little or no water flow.

  I had to wait another fifteen years and drive two hours

from Geelong to capture this photo.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Water







Some images from…



…Maligne Valley Gorge…



…in Jasper National Park…


Maligne Valley Gorge



Maligne Valley Gorge

Maligne Valley Gorge.


Maligne Valley Gorge,

Jasper National Park,










Horses working together during our Banff hay ride.

Young rowers practising working together.




Young hands are happy to oblige

and wrap, safely, around the cricket ball.


FriendlyFriday:   Working-Together

Amanda                       Sandi




Our recent visits to London and Canada

were my second visit

to both destinations

The major difference between 1976

and recent times were the crowds.

Lake Louise was, from memory,

virtually deserted back then.

Twenty-first century Lake Louise

was so crowded it was difficult

to capture a tourist free image.

London was similar, although it was…



…the traffic and overall crowded streets

which surprised me.


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