show (a film or video) or broadcast
(a television programme).

Yarraville’s Sun Theatre

in Melbourne


Readings Movie Theatre in Geelong

Readings used to be my pre-pandemic

go-to movie complex.





the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event
such as a play, film, concert, or meeting.

The Sun Theatre in Yarraville, Melbourne

caters for a small audience.

However, at mainstream movie theatres

even the morning sessions,

while not always to capacity,

cater for larger audiences.







add (a component or accessory) to something
that did not have it when manufactured.

In the last fifty years, many movie theatres,

including our local cinema,

have had some sort of retrofit.

Whether it was seating, lights, screen or projector,

all retrofits have had a beneficial effect

on patrons, movie-going experience.

In 2019 we heard of the Sun Theatre

in Yarraville (Melbourne), and paid a visit.

Opened in 1938  the original 1050 seat auditorium

was retrofitted nearly 30 years ago

into 4 smaller theatres

with another 4 being added at later dates.

If you are ever visiting Melbourne

why not take a 15-minute train ride to

Yarraville from Southern Cross Station.

The Sun Theatre is about a two-minute walk

from Yarraville Station and will be the first thing

you see as you step off the train.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Retrofit