Not really a flower...

…but there are some pretty, colourful,

out of focus, flowers around the base

of this water feature.

The last post from the

Isle of Capri.




I initial thought was that this

was a Poinsettia.

However, I believe Google and I

disagreed momentarily.


Now I agree with Google and think they may be

varieties of Solenostemon (Coleus)

If we are wrong please advise and

I will  correct my post.

Whatever the outcome the were again found

on the

Isle of Capri.




Unless there are two

very similar flowers in Capri…

…I may have posted some of

these flowers recently

thinking they were potted.

However, the above photo

is a cropped portion of…



….this one and we are still on the

Isle of Capri.


Floral Friday17-0704-Capri


Floral Friday Challenge.


The Faraglioni Rock Formation…

off Capri island, Italy…

sets the scene…

for this week’s Floral Friday images.


 I would be only guessing the name of these plants

but I do like both.

The purple/blue one looks a bit like

a Tibouchina, however,

ours have never been climbers.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Travel Theme-Turquoise




Travel Theme.


All this week’s shots taken on the Isle of Capri.

turquoise_0137However, are they turquoise??

turquoise_0133Even after googling the colour…

turquoise_0070I still don’t know if what I think I see is the same as Google.

turquoise_0036Just hope that one or two images…


contain some turquoise.


Where’s My Backpack: Turquoise