Deakin University

Until the late 1960s or early 1970s

many of the buildings near

Geelong’s waterfront

served as woolstores for selling

some of the best Australian Wool

produced in Victoria and New South Wales.

Dalgety’s Woolstore was one such woolstore.


Now while it still bears the Dalgety name

for historical purposes,

it is now known as

Deakin University,

Waterfront Campus,


For those of us old enough to remember

the smell of lanolin in old wool stores

it is easy enough to recognise

the skeletal remains which now support

the Waterfront Campus of Deakin.




Werribee Open Range Zoo

overnight camps

Geelong Ferris Wheel

Perhaps not the regular idea of

a commercial building.

At the end of Cunningham Pier

is now a night club and restaurant.




A few years ago I just had to stop

to capture this image.

Better it happened now than after the roof

was completed I suppose.



Geelong’s Upside-Down building is not that

new (opened March 20, 1979), however

I am certain it will cause less controversy

in this forum than it does among locals.

The Upside-Down building houses government offices.

Now everything makes sense doesn’t it?



A modern new overhaul for

the Geelong Library.

Another suburban library.

This one also drew love/hate comments

from locals.




A derelict house…

…which stands no longer.

Local stone used to make an early settlers cottage.



One of Geelong’s many wool storage facilities

of the twentieth century.

The facade still remains and the interior is the

Waterfront Campus of Deakin University.



Marnock wool scouring (washing)…

…facility in Geelong,

literally just across the road

from Balyang Sanctuary.



Now populated by pigeons.



Mainly agapanthus….

Dead flower head.

Past their best flower and some

of last season flower heads.

Ageing flower heads

Wilting Christmas Lillies and Agapanthus.


Past their best Jonquils.



Bicycles in



Competitors in the

Cadell Evans

Great Ocean Road Classic

which starts and ends

in Geelong.


The corner opposite the…

…Amsterdam Railway Station

at peak hour.




An Indian motorbike.



Apart from the satellite dish and electrical wiring

this railway station appears to be abandoned.

Situated among gold fields of yesteryear

Google indicates that it is a bona fide

tourist attraction.



Country railway line in spring.

The line is still in use carrying one or two

goods trains each day and an occasional

tourist passenger steam train.


A country railway crossing.


About 200 kilometres west of Geelong

this was what was left of my hometown

railway station in 2013.

Only one building remains along the platform.

The line opened in 1890 and closed in 1977.

In my teen years we only ever collected

bagged superphosphate (fertiliser) at the station

and delivered wool bales for transport

to Geelong or Melbourne selling centres.

Somewhere there are photos of Dad’s truck

delivering our last wool clip to the station.

The station master’s house (out of camera left)

is still occupied by the station master’s daughter,

her husband and family.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Planes-Jets-2



I just had to include this image from the

Executive Traveller

web site…

Image Source: Executive Traveller

..which depicts an

Australian Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

departing on a flight to retirement.


QANTAS is not the only airline to

bring forward retirement of the 747,

due to to the Coronavirus.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Planes-Jets



Australian International Airshow (2017)

held at Avalon Airport which is

55 km from Melbourne

and 23 km from Geelong


An early morning arrival at Avalon.


Departing Heathrow Airport, London.



Touchdown on the

Chena River,

Fairbanks, Alaska




I am guessing a lightweight anchor chain.

An early June suunise on Corio Bay

Rope drum.

Out of the Mist

Same morrning as earlier sunsrise.

Reminds me of Viking movies and ships

appearing through fog, mist or battle smoke.