Australian Landscapes 

Moorabool Valley Landscape

near Geelong




Central Australian Landscape

Painting of Ormiston Gorge

Alice Springs

Northern Territory.









An African sunset



Moorabool Valley Landscape

near Geelong



I guess we have to thank…

…Ben Franklin…



…the above images.  🙂



Some more..

…natural light(ning)…


…in the wee hours of the morning.








Brand new cricket ball



A late 50s early 60s Holden. 

This era saw much more shiny chrome work

than modern cars have.



This Holden Commodore is from the early 70s at a guess.   

Holden is/was the Australian arm of General Motors

and ceased manufacturing Australian designed

and built cars about 4-5 years ago



An old Chevrolet.




Another chev…perhaps.



Real shine on this 1956 Buick


My second car was also a Holden, LH Torana,

with a 2850 Motor similar to this one.


Morning sunshine…

…on Corio Bay.








St Leonards Pier.


Wood grain


Soft hands

Anchor chain






House brick


Concrete statue.


Gum (Eucalyptus) Tree bark



Part of railroad lines


A Eucalypt leaf


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:….Textures






Just love pelicans coz their beaks

can hold more than their belly can.

Just in case you did not notice the first image.

There was a couple who were feeding the birds.

Regular bird feeders I would suggest

by the way said birds reacted.

I have been told  this is the female of

the Superb Fairy Wren pair.


Superb Fairy Wren






Can’t remember where I captured these

buckets (aka pails)


And I could not post a bucket related post

without adding a photo of Brandy

in his ‘Buckethead’ days.

He had an infected eye

and had to be kept in darkened

surroundings for six weeks.





When this elephant wandered past us our guide said,

There goes the whole of Africa.

Knowing our guide he would have

had a twinkle in his eye, as we did,

not knowing whether he had

said Hole or Whole


However there was no discussion about spelling

we when arrived at Lochnagar Crater, some

21 Km from Villers Bretonneux.

A hole in the ground it was.

Created by detonating 27 tons of explosive

under the German army’s frontline.

The explosion created a crater

330 feet (100.5 metres) across

and 70 ft (21 metres) deep.

For comparison a Jumbo jet

measures 63 metres in length

with a wing span of 60 metres

and a height of 19.4 metres (63 ft 6 in)

meaning it would easily fit in the crater.






Eight kilometres, or miles, to come or go,

or the eighth post


When the minute hand reaches number 8

the time is 40 minutes past the hour

or only 20 minutes until the next hour has passed.


It may have only been campfire fare but we

ate well on our Botswana Safari.


A wet Sunday afternoon in

a Murano Restaurant…

…where one-and-all ate well,

drank well, and became

merrier as the afternoon drew to a close