I think the sign says it all.



Another old faithful on the scrape heap.


Bridal car.

Or perhaps this is the bridal car.

They were at the same wedding.

The last two were on display five years ago, in Melbourne…



…celebrating 100 years of design.

They were displaying The General Motors (Holden) badge,

however, I have never seen the cars on the road.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Anything-Painted



A painted utility box in Geelong.

Maybe a telephone junction.



Hosier Lane…


…in Melbourne.



Peeling paint.



In April 1975 I enjoyed a camping holiday

through Central Australia.

In Alice Springs we visited

Henk Guth’s (now deceased) art studio

where I purchased this painting

of Ormiston Gorge

for the princely sum of $150.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Doors-Drawers-Cabinets



An ageing door.



Dahlias pl

Small chest of drawers


A crystal cabinet where all

the good stuff is kept, and in

many cases never removed

from the cabinet once inserted.




A Sewing cabinet.

TV Cabinet



Finishing with another door.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:  Doors-Drawers-Cabinets




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Hats



~~~~~One of the volunteer hats used at

the 2006 Melbourne

Commonwealth Games


As I was a volunteer I also had a similar uniform.



A school cap.

Similar caps are also used in a cricket game.


This type of hat is also used

to keep the sun away.


This helmet would not be used anymore

as several years ago,

a ball hit a batsman just behind the ear guard

and he died almost immediately.

Helmets were re-designed after that incident.



Yours truly with his new Akubra hat and new pup.

Brandy would come to be known as

my $6,000,000 dog.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Graffiti-Murals





I have seen/photographed

a few murals in Australia…

…but none as good as the

Chemainus Murals…

…at Chemainus…

…on Canada’s…


…Vancouver Island.


Closer to home…

…is Melbourne’s…

…Hosier Lane.


I love the Hosier Lane street art…


…some of which is surrounded…



…by graffiti.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Man-Made



My new iPad falling out of its

new matching cover.

Power poles top of which are

shrouded in Tuesday’s fog.


This house was in the process of

being constructed fifteen years ago.

It now stands unfinished and

abandoned near Geelong.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Smelling




Dear old Maggie and a very young Taji…

…meeting for the first time.



Woolsheds all have a similar smell to them.

Mostly relating to sheep and their by products.

Wool and waste.

Most woolshed are built off the ground

to facilitate easier loading of sheep

and wool bales onto trucks.

However, the other reason is to allow the aforementioned

sheep waste fall through the batten flooring.

These smells are added to with that

of human exertion during shearing

as all woolshed jobs are physically taxing.

My body and joints will attest to that fact.


I will conclude with a few images which

may be more pleasing to the eye and our noses.



Our jonquils, daffodils and snowdrops

have pushed their way into a wintry environment.

They may not work our sense of smell

into overdrive with a heady perfume,

but they do lend some colour

to a winter garden.



The sense of smell.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Taste




May not be a healthy meal…

…but my taste buds claim anything

prepared by someone else

is healthy.

Who am I to argue?




Definitely an acquired taste,

even Down Under.

Some apply it so thinly it’s see through

I like it thick.

So you cannot see the toast

under the spread.


The sense of taste.