Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Lines


From Melbourne and Dubai..

some re-posts

which suit the challenge.

DC Photography 19

A curved line and plenty of straight lines.

Old and new buildings with one thing in common….lines.

Some obvious vertical and horizontal straight lines.

Again St Paul’s Cathedral displays some obvious

and not so obvious line.


From 555 metres above the ground level

on the 148th floor of Dubai’s

Burj Khalifa Tower.

Zoom in for a closer look and still lines everywhere.

Finally, a never before published image…

well not on this blog 🙂

Still at the Burj Khalifia Tower.

This image is just left of centre…


of this image.






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Circles-Curves-Arches


From Melbourne.

St Paul’s Cathedral is just across the road

from Flinder’s Street railway station.

However, Monday was the first time…


…I photographed some of its arches and circles.

A curve…

a line or outline which gradually deviates
from being straight for some or all of its length.

In my opinion the human body consists entirely of curves.

Even a straight back is curved.


I had heard of this change to the Bourke Street,

didn’t realise it had been enacted.





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Rectangles-Squares


Rectangles in our dog kennel.

Rectangular mirror reflecting rectangles.

Squares forming a rectangle.

Squares at platform 9 and 3/4.


Triangles covering the rectangular walls of

Melbourne’s Gallery of Australian Art.








It is only 103 days before…

…we are unwrapping Christmas gifts,

some of which could be books.

These days I tend to listen to, or read, digital books

in preference to paper books.

However every now and again…

…I like to turn my images into a paper version

for the coffee table.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Fashion



Fashion of all sorts.

A drawing from my Mother-in-law’s school sketch book.

Her daughters did not know she had this until

after she passed away a couple of years ago.


And it seems only a few years ago that

London model Twiggy,

caused a furore at the Melbourne Cup

wearing a mini skirt two whole inches

above the knee.

Hemlines have certainly changed since 1965.




Fashion on the gold fields in mid 1800s.

Being married anywhere is now fashionable.

Bride’s dresses have changed considerably

since the late 1970s and mid 80s.

In  my twenties I did like to dress formally for a night out.

Sadly I don’t go out as much and formally has

taken on a whole new meaning.

Fashion on a Rivera beach, Nice to be precise,

is much more relaxed.

I believe this beautiful Athabaskan

coat and hood was for formal wear.

Mid-December beach fashions

at Sydney’s Manly Beach