This week I have decided that Sunday morning

is not the best time for completing challenges.

Why? You may ask!

If you look at the bottom of my post

you will note Patti’s blog is listed first.

Patti’s blog was the first link I clicked to

see what this week’s challenge was…and I read

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Patterns in British Columbia. 

Lucky I have just returned from that area, I thought!!!

And proceeded to look for BC patterns among my photos.

 Nearing the end of my search a little thought crept into my head.

What if I had no BC photos?

Then I had another look.

Sunday morning!!!!

Readers expecting Australian or Geelong patterns this week

will be disappointed as I was not in the frame of mind

to start again!

Please forgive me.  

Canada Place, Vancouver.


Vancouver somewhere…not far from the port.


Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain cable car, car-park.


A work of art atop

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver.

Some of Victoria’s architecture,

Vancouver Island.

Some of Craigdarroch Castle’s stained glass.


Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, BC, floor tiles.

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, stained glass.


One of Craigdarroch Castle’s many staircases.


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Scenes like these…

tree branches covered with snow…

capped off with falling snow were 

the perfect ingredients for…

for our visit to Canada’s

Columbia Icefield and Athabasca Glacier.

Just perfect…


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Ingredients

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Wk1a-Topic-from-Photo



Didn’t realise I had chosen bushes

as my topic from Week 1.

So more Victorian (BC) bushes.

 I think this is an azalea bush,

although I have never sighted one as big as this. 

They don’t like our climate. 

And if, like me, you are having difficulty

seeing the blooms they were 

past their best but still note worthy.

Visitors to Victoria BC will find this garden 

to the right of the Empress Hotel.

The Orca bush I will call this. 

Am fairly certain it is topiary…at it’s best. 

Please correct me if I’m wrong and it’s not a real plant 




The third or fourth night of our Canadian travels… 

was spent at Mike Wiegele’s

Blue River Resort

in British Columbia.

The resort’s accommodation

is set in idyllic surroundings.

And this was the view as I stepped out

the front door of our cabin.

Breath taking…in my opinion.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Setting

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-18July22


Odd Ball


July 22


My first Odd Ball post for a while.

As we alighted our cable car on Whistler Mountain…
this caught my eye.

Even it June it was useful and I suspect

it would be in  high demand during winter.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-18July22









Two forms of transport I had not counted on in Canada.

My first, and probably last, ride in an Ice Explorer.

We were so pleased to see the wagons were covered.

The sky threatened rain…

the wind was cold and the covers made

a nice tunnel for it to rip along.

However, the barbeque was terrific

and well worth the ride..


Wits End Weekly Prompt: Transportation